Defective Car Seats

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It's hard to disagree with something that will keep your children safe, and potentially save his or her life. People disagree on a lot of things that young children need, but experts agree that car seats are a necessity. It's a nightmare to even think of your child getting hurt in a car crash – thank goodness for car seats. But what if a seat doesn't do its job?

If your child was injured by a defective car seat, you're probably frustrated, angry, and you want answers. At our law firm, we wish we could do more than simply counsel you. But if your child was hurt by a defective product, you don't deserve the added stress of medical bills and insurance paperwork. That's where we can help.

Keeping Your Child as Safe as Possible

There is a big difference between what kind of seat the law requires and what is safest for your child. For more detailed information on picking out the right car seat, review the NHTSA's safety recommendations, our car seat tips, and check out our Child Passenger Safety Infographic.

Who's Responsible for Injuries Caused by Car Seats?

If your child was injured by a faulty child safety seat, you may have a case against the maker, supplier, distributor, or even the retailer if they:

  • Failed to inspect or test car seats before placing them on the market
  • Created a flaw in the child safety seat
  • Failed to discover a flaw in the child safety seat
  • Failed to discover that the car seat could be dangerous
  • Failed to warn buyers of the risk or hazard of using the car seat

Was Your Child Injured by a Defective Car Seat?

If you think a car seat caused your child's injuries, you need legal help you can trust. You need compassionate care and answers to your questions. We can help you.

Our attorneys have experience standing up for people whose children suffered from injuries caused by defective products. From the moment you hire our law firm, we go to work for you.

Verdicts & Settlements
Our client, a minor, was paralyzed after suffering severe injuries in a car accident.

We can't take away your child's injuries, but we can be on your side every step of the way. Edgar Snyder & Associates goes above and beyond to get you the money you need to care for your child.

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