Icy Roads and Ice Patches

Icy Roads

Was Your Car Accident Caused by a Patch of Ice?

Winter weather brings numerous complications on the road. You know you need to drive with extra care when you see obvious snow or slush, but what if ice shows up without the bad weather?

If this happens, you may be the victim of a hazardous road condition called an "isolated ice patch." Isolated ice patches are created by three unexpected hazards:

Isolated ice patches are created by three unexpected hazards:

  1. For an isolated ice patch to form, water that shouldn't be on the road has to find its way there. The source of the water (downspout, sewer) can affect who is liable for your accident.
  2. The surface itself must be unable to drain like it should. Moisture that should have been cleared or absorbed through proper design may be at fault for your crash.
  3. Either of these things must be combined with cold temperatures. That may sound obvious, but even barely freezing temperatures can create dangerous ice.

Ice patches can cause deadly accidents. If you lost control of your vehicle and had an accident, you may have a case. Call Edgar Snyder & Associates to help you protect your rights.

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