Hydroplaning Car Accident

Hydroplaning Car Accident

Did Your Car Hydroplane and Cause Serious Injury?

Driving in or after heavy rain can be nerve-wracking. Puddles can hide potholes, and other drivers can be unpredictable. Arguably the scariest and most dangerous hazard in rain is hydroplaning.

If enough water gets under your tires, it may lift them off the road, causing your car to skid uncontrollably. The best way to minimize your risk of an accident when you begin to hydroplane is to gently slow down – never slam on your brakes or speed up. But even doing that won't prevent every crash.

You may have a lot of questions after an accident, but the first one you should ask is "why was so much water there?" It may sound silly, but hazards and poor road maintenance may have set you up to hydroplane. Maybe poor drainage or a lack of upkeep is to blame for the pool of water you drove through. If you were hurt in an accident caused by hydroplaning, you may have a case.

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Evidence disappears quickly, especially with car accidents caused by hydroplaning. Plus, if you have a case and need to file against the state or a local government in Pennsylvania, you must give written notice within six months of the date your car accident happened.

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