Lost Wages After a Car Accident

Stressed from Medical Bills

Have You Missed Work Because of a Car Accident Injury?

Car accidents can cause serious, life-altering injuries that, among other stressors, may force you to miss time at work. Without a paycheck, you and your loved ones could be under severe financial strain. We know it's important to provide for your family, and we can help if a car accident injury is keeping you from work.

If you're missing work and losing out on paychecks because of a car accident injury, call our legal professionals today. We're standing by at 412-394-1000 or you can reach us online by completing the form located in the top right corner of this page. We'll review your case for free, answer all your legal questions, and fight to get you the money you need.

Lost Wages Insurance Coverage

In Pennsylvania, if you've elected coverage for lost wages on your car insurance policy, then your insurance company will pay you at 80% of your gross wages up to the limits specified on your policy.

However, the insurance company won't pay you for the first five days of missed work. If you hire our attorneys, we'll fight to get those days paid for, and we'll also work to get the other 20% of your wages as well. When you've hit the limits of your coverage, your insurance company will no longer pay you for lost wages. Our attorneys can fight to get the limits of your coverage extended.

No Insurance for Lost Wages?

If you didn't choose coverage for lost wages on your insurance policy, then your insurance company won't pay missed time at work. However, when you hire our attorneys, we'll make sure you get compensation for your lost wages, as well as:

  • Pain & Suffering
  • Unpaid Medical Bills
  • Past/Future Surgeries
  • Physical Therapy
  • And More

Don't miss out on the money you need to support yourself and your loved ones. We'll help you plan for the future and prepare you for any unexpected medical costs. Don't hesitate. There may be time limits to your injury claim.

30 Years of Experience and Success

Since 1982, we've recovered over $1 billion dollars for our injured clients. Visit our verdicts and settlements page for examples of the cases we've won. We believe in battling for our clients and striving to get you the maximum amount of money for your injuries. If you've missed out on paychecks because of a car accident injury, we can help.

When you hire our law firm we'll:

  • Send investigators to collect evidence
  • Hire experts to prove your case
  • Stand up to aggressive insurance companies
  • Keep you up-to-date on the progress of your case
  • Never charge an hourly attorney fee
  • Cover your upfront costs
  • Come to you if you can't drive
  • And much more