Funeral Benefits

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Learn More About Funeral Benefits for Pennsylvania Car Insurance

Funeral expenses can be costly and, in the case of a car accident, very unexpected. By adding the optional coverage for Funeral Benefits, you and your loved ones will be financially protected in the event that the unthinkable happens.

There's nothing more stressful than an unexpected loss of a family member or loved one, especially after a car accident. Among the grief and trauma of your crash, a funeral can prove to be a difficult expense to cover. It's in these cases your insurance company would help cover the cost of a funeral – up to the limits specified on your policy – after a car accident.

Recommended Funeral Benefits for Pennsylvania Drivers

While this coverage is optional for Pennsylvania drivers, we believe it's a vital piece of protection worth adding to your policy.

Minimum required coverage under Pennsylvania law:

  • Not Required

Minimum recommended coverage limit:

  • $1,500

Typically, adding Funeral Benefits to your policy will cost you less than a dollar increase to your monthly premiums. You can always change your policy as you see fit. Remember, changing or adjusting your coverage is easy and can make a world of difference in an accident. It's a small price to pay knowing that you'll be financially covered in the event of an accidental or unexpected death.

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Visit our Pennsylvania car insurance recommendation page for a list of the minimum coverage types and our law firm's recommended limits. Spending a few extra dollars per month on your premium can save you thousands if you're injured. It's never too late to update your car insurance policy, but it is too late after an accident.