April 19, 2017

Skills Training is Key to Motorcycle Safety

Proper Training is Key to Motorcycle Safety

When it comes to motorcycle safety, statistics don't lie: Without proper training, you are nearly 150 percent more likely to be injured or killed in a motorcycle crash.

That's why, at Snyder's Riders, the number-one safety tip we extend to motorcyclists is to take a rider-training course. We also recommend you update riding and awareness skills each year. Even experienced riders can benefit.

Seeking out safety training is especially important considering that nearly 90 percent of motorcyclists involved in accidents were either self-taught or initiated into the world of riding by a friend or family member.

Here are some programs available to motorcycle enthusiasts in Pennsylvania seeking to learn how to ride safely, or brush up on their skills:

Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Course

Here's the great thing about the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Course: It provides free training to all residents of the Keystone State, as well as all active duty military with a class M permit or motorcycle license.

Appropriate for riders of all experience and skill levels, the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Course is offered year-round at multiple training sites across the state.

Students who successfully complete the training program may even be eligible to receive discounted insurance premiums through participating insurance companies.

For more information: Visit www.pamsp.com or call 1-800-845-9533.

Stayin' Safe Motorcycle Training

At the Stayin' Safe Motorcycle Training program, riding is more than a hobby, it's a science, and in some ways, an art.

Stayin' Safe provides advanced riding skills training, and is best known for its multi-day, on-street instructional tours, which they say "builds on the physical skills and introduces strategies to real-world riding."

That means program participants will be exposed to:

  • Unfamiliar streets
  • Riding in areas where there are driveways
  • Secondary and tertiary roads

Riders of all skill and experience levels are welcome, and program coordinators say even longtime motorcyclists will learn something new.

For more information: Visit www.stayinsafe.com or call 724-771-2269. Snyder's Riders members receive a 5 percent discount on all Stayin' Safe programs. It's free to join, and members receive a welcome kit, and a chance to win motorcycle prizes. To sign up, visit SnydersRiders.com.

ProRider Pittsburgh

At ProRider Pittsburgh, motorcyclists receive advanced training—exercises they say are "guaranteed to improve your riding ability and riding confidence."

Classes are conducted by police motorcycle officers and civilians who've successfully completed an 80-hour course. Topics covered include:

  • Slow-speed maneuvers
  • Turning in confined spaces
  • Crash avoidance
  • And braking challenges

For more information: Visit www.proriderpittsburgh.com or call 412-977-1909. Snyder's Riders members have the chance to win a $25 gift certificate to ProRider programs and are eligible to win a free class (valued at $150) at the end of the riding season.

We wish you a fun—and safe—riding season, and ask that in addition to taking a rider training course, that you also consider joining Snyder's Riders at SnydersRiders.com, where we ride alongside.

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