Attorney Edgar Snyder Featured on "Proprietors of Pittsburgh Podcast"

Edgar Snyder on Proprietors of Pittsburgh Podcast

Edgar Tells the Story of How the Firm Started

Pittsburgh lawyer, local business legend, icon, and advertising pioneer Edgar Snyder took a chance on communicating directly with the public when doing so was unheard of in the personal injury legal industry. His early television commercials helped create the foundation of a business that has run successfully for four decades. Edgar Snyder & Associates is now recognized as one of western Pennsylvania's most respected law firms with four office locations and more than 130 staff.

And, it all started with taking a chance on what some might call an unconventional approach to personal injury legal marketing in the '80s.

The Proprietors of Pittsburgh Podcast

Edgar had the opportunity to sit down with Darin Vilano and tell his story on the season premiere episode of the Proprietors of Pittsburgh podcast. The Proprietors of Pittsburgh is a show that brings you the stories behind some of Pittsburgh's most innovative business owners. It provides an in-depth look at how these successful entrepreneurs and small business owners got their start, what drives them to succeed, and lessons learned along the way.

Listen to the Full Episode Featuring Attorney Edgar Snyder

In this episode, Edgar Snyder reflects on his more than forty years of practicing law in Pittsburgh. He discusses the early days of advertising personal injury law on television and how that helped grow his business into what it is today. Edgar also touches on some of the challenges he's faced over the years and offers advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

You can listen to the full episode below.