"Ride Alongside" The Snyder's Riders Story

December 2021

The story of Snyder’s Riders is a short yet powerful one.

It began in 2014 when Michael Rosenzweig and the firm at Edgar Snyder & Associates spearheaded a movement to produce several public service announcements that would benefit the motorcycle community. They partnered with Hal Deily, a veteran motorcycle safety instructor and president of a local safety council, to put together a series of TV spots to assist riders in staying safe. Topics included the benefits of taking a rider training program, passenger safety tips, the importance of separating drinking and riding as well as a video highlighting riding gear.

That successful collaboration led to the development of Snyder’s Riders.

Now celebrating over 5 years serving the riding community, Snyder’s Riders continues to evolve. In this video, “Riding Alongside, the Snyder’s Riders Story”, learn how this innovative program has grown to over 3,000 members throughout Western and Central Pennsylvania. See how their efforts have helped support numerous charities and motorcycle events while rewarding members with safety related giveaways during the riding season. Follow the journeys of Tamica and Cornell, two members whose stories are sure to inspire others as they share their own unique contributions to the riding community as Snyder’s Riders representatives.

Gear up, get on and get in gear as “We Ride Alongside” to bring you the story of Snyder's Riders!

Ride Safe!