Snyder’s Riders - 2021 Review and 2022 Prep

Looking Back on 2021 and Riding into 2022

Motorcycle in Autumn Leaves

November 2021

It’s hard to believe that another riding season is slowly coming to an end. With that end comes a new beginning and a chance to reflect while looking forward to what 2022 may bring. We've talked in the past about the importance of planning ahead before each ride, but it's also important to look back. With a few months off, it's a perfect time to sit back, take stock, and plan for an even more enjoyable ride next year!

Here are five categories to include in your year-end review along with tips to improve each for the upcoming riding season.

#1) Motorcycle Events

Take a few minutes to write down the motorcycle events you attended this past year. Then highlight your top two or three with a few notes on why they made your “best of” list. Doing so, you might just discover a common thread when it comes to exactly why those events stood out. Was it the location, the people you travelled with, the ride(s) associated with that adventure or perhaps how well the event was organized? Now you know what to seek out when it comes to planning your 2022 riding schedule.

#2) Miles -vs- Smiles

Figuring out how many miles you rode and comparing it to prior years is a measuring stick most use when evaluating their riding season. While a useful statistic, it can become a hollow victory if those miles didn't bring along a corresponding level of enjoyment. So beyond just adding up miles, add up the smiles. If you rode more this past year, did your joy of riding reflect those added miles, or did you find yourself chasing a goal with a stern look on your face? Taking the time to honestly reflect on what you truly enjoy can help you focus on what riding means to you. Make sure you keep those joys a priority in your 2022 riding goals.

#3) Motorcycle Accident Close calls

As those miles increase, the chance for “close calls” also increases. What situations did you encounter this past year that made you suddenly gasp, crash, or realize how close you came to an accident? Was it a vehicle that pulled out into your path seemingly out of nowhere... a tighter than expected curve that had you crossing over the centerline... or perhaps a situation that tested your emergency braking skills when that SUV you were following suddenly stopped?

Beyond just listing these events, take the time to view them as learning experiences. What could you have done to better manage each of those challenges? This will help you take more control of your ride while increasing your safety and enjoyment in the year to come.

Of course, if you're in an accident, immediately make use of your Snyder's Riders membership by calling the priority number listed on the back of your membership card to speak with our team at Edgar Snyder & Associates. Also be sure to let your family members know the same in case you are not able to make that call yourself. Those moments right after an accident are vital to ensuring you are properly protected moving forward. Don't stall ... make the call!

#4) Friends and Ends

They say to choose your companions before the journey. Now is the time to honestly think about which motorcycle relationships add value to your riding, and which ones take away from that experience. People change and so do our wants and needs. Recognizing when to move on from certain individuals or relationships may be the biggest secret to living a full and fruitful life.

This is perhaps the most challenging of all decisions when it comes to our riding. Choose wisely while keeping in mind that endings are just as important as beginnings. If you must move on, do so with respect and courtesy. How honest you are with that person or group is up to you. Burning bridges is usually never a good idea. However, choosing not to continuously cross that bridge over and over may be the best decision for your riding future and the future of those relationships.

#5) Winter Opportunities

A lesson from the world of golfing: The best time to improve your game is often when you are away from the game. Motorcycling is much the same. Rather than just counting the days to next spring, use these months to better yourself and your riding skills.

You can start by looking to improve your fitness and health. Both are a must when it comes to maximizing your riding experience. Better your riding skills by making use of the offseason to improve your awareness, street chops, and riding strategies. Keep in mind that the most highly skilled riders rarely demonstrate their emergency, accident-avoidance skills. Instead, their superior abilities to spot conflicts well in advance, combined with proactive riding strategies, enables them to turn potential issues into non-issues. Work toward developing this “jedi-like” riding approach for the upcoming year.

We're committed to keeping motorcyclists as safe and protected as possible when they're out riding. The more you know, the more you'll be able to prevent an accident from happening.

And to help you expand those skills during this offseason, contact Snyder's Riders to schedule your FREE group presentation. A variety of topics are available with these fun and interactive workshops. We are currently filling our December through March seminar schedule. Email us TODAY at to get in the game!

Taking the time now to review and renew will ensure your 2022 is your best riding year yet! Ride Safe!