May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Warm Weather May Bring More Motorcycle Accidents

Unfortunately, an afternoon motorcycle ride can all too often turn tragic. When you share the road with SUVs (and other large vehicles), an otherwise minor accident can easily be very serious for a motorcyclist. It is important that you be prepared, both before you get on your bike and when you are on the road.

We Ride Alongside

At Edgar Snyder and Associates, we see and hear about these accidents all the time. This is why we started Snyder's Riders, a motorcycle group that focuses on awareness, skill development, the motorcycle lifestyle, and rider safety. As riders, we all know that we can always choose to do the right thing, but often it is the actions of others that ultimately determine our safety.

How can you protect yourself?

While you can't control how other people drive, there are things you as a motorcyclist can do to proactively protect yourself and your family in the event of an accident. This includes taking a rider training course, refreshing your skills each year, wearing full protective gear including a DOT-approved helmet, riding within your limits, and always separating drinking and riding.

Are You Covered in the Event of a Motorcycle Accident?

Additionally, having the proper insurance coverage can be the difference in making sure you and your loved ones are taken care of if you are injured in an accident. As a member of Snyder's Riders, #WeRideAlongside means you have the legal team of Edgar Snyder & Associates by your side when you ride. Our experience is also available before you ride if you would like to discuss your insurance coverages and make sure they are sufficient.

Get a Free Insurance Review (and Enter our Prize Giveaways)

We offer free motorcycle (and car) insurance reviews to Snyder's Riders members. The process is quick, easy, and can be done virtually. Join today by texting RIDESAFE to 66866. By joining you'll also get access to the Snyder's Riders monthly newsletter and opportunities to enter our prize package giveaways.