The Four A's of Safe & Successful Motorcycling – Part 1

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Spring has sprung, and with it the official start of the motorcycle season is underway. May is known nationally as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and is dedicated to improving the safety of all riders through social media posts, PSAs, local news spots, and numerous motorcycle events.

Here at Snyder's Riders, we are presenting a four-part blog series known as the "Four A's of Safe & Successful Motorcycling." Read on to discover how each "A" plays an important role in keeping a rider safe and enjoying the passion of the open road.

The First of the Four A's – Ability

We kick off the series with the first "A" – Ability. And there's good reason it is listed first—riders must initially have the basic skills or ability to ride a motorcycle. It sounds like common sense. However, many people, in their enthusiasm to begin riding, will purchase a bike thinking they can figure it out on their own. Or they might have a friend who has volunteered to teach them how to ride in the local school parking lot. Both approaches can have devastating consequences.

Learn from the Professionals

According to the landmark "Hurt Study," over 90% of those riders involved in a crash were self-taught or learned to ride by having a friend or family member instruct them. Do the right thing. Take a professional rider training program and learn from instructors who have gone through their own intensive training to better teach others how to ride safely.

Here in Pennsylvania, we have an award-winning program which is offered free, yes FREE to all PA residents. Not only does the safety class enable you to earn your license, but many insurance companies will provide a discount to those completing such a course. Even better, the program provides you with a bike to use during your class!

It's Not Just for New Riders

The advice of taking a rider training class goes beyond only those new to riding. Often it is the returning rider who faces the most danger. Having already ridden years ago, they are even more likely to want to jump right back on a bike and head off.

However, much like the high school athlete who remembers the glory days of years past only to suffer pulled muscles (or worse) when they suddenly decide to return to the field, those with prior motorcycling experience would be better served by slowly and cautiously returning to riding. Afterall, riding on real roads with the challenges of modern traffic situations can lead to much worse than a sore hamstring.

Learn More at

Go to the Snyder's Riders website,, and look under the "training links" tab for direct access to the PA Motorcycle Safety Program. Options include beginner, intermediate, and advanced offerings. All are free and taught at numerous locations across the state. Check back next week where we cover the next "A" of safe and successful motorcycling which is "Awareness."

And, as always, joining Snyder's Riders is free. Membership gives you access to giveaways, safety tips, and a FREE insurance policy review by one of our experienced attorneys. Text RIDESAFE to 66866 to join today.