Giving Back Spotlight: Boys & Girls Clubs

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Edgar: With hockey – as in any sport – safety is critical.

Kris: That's why I gear up with padding and of course a helmet before I hit the ice.

Rick: Every day at our law firm, we help injury victims. And it's so sad when those injuries could have been prevented. Especially when it's something as simple as wearing a helmet.

Kris: That's why I'm teaming up with Edgar Snyder & Associates to give away helmets at the Boys & Girls Club.

Edgar: Whether you're playing a sport, riding a bike or scooter, or skateboarding, please... always wear a helmet.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America started in 1860 when three women wanted to find a positive alternative for boys who spent most of their time in the streets. Character development and mentorship became a foundation of the Club’s mission, and that remains true today.

There are now over 4,000 Boys & Girls Clubs in the country that serve almost 4 million youth. We joined forces with hockey star Kris Letang and former Pittsburgh baseball player Josh Harrison to help Boys & Girls Clubs in our region.

Working with Kris Letang

Teaming up with Kris Letang

Our law firm teamed up with hockey star Kris Letang to build a sports court at the LaRosa Boys & Girls Club. We then promoted an active lifestyle for kids through safe bicycle riding at the Shadyside Boys & Girls Club where we donated helmets and discussed proper helmet fit.

Research has shown that Club members engage in more daily physical activity than their peers. This exercise can be crucial for social, emotional and academic growth. Clubs give kids a safe space to play sports, try new activities, and expend energy after school and during school breaks. Almost 8,000 kids use Boys & Girls Clubs in Western PA each day, and we’re thankful to everyone who plays a part in making the Clubs a part of our community.

Working with Josh Harrison

A few years ago our firm teamed up with Josh Harrison and Dreambuilders to complete the renovation of the learning lab at the Sto-Ken-Rox Boys & Girls Club. Almost 100 kids use the Club every day, and according to the director, “Our Club is vital to the surrounding community. It offers a place for these children where they can feel safe and be off the streets.”

Josh wanted the kids to feel special, and we all hoped that an improved space to work and learn did just that. He said, “Just a little show of faith from guys like Edgar Snyder & Associates and guys like me may be the difference in a kid saying, ‘Somebody does believe in me.’”

It has been proven that kids who attend Clubs receive higher grades, are more active in community service, and express more interest in STEM careers than their peers. The Clubs provide a vital space for kids to set and accomplish goals, and we are honored to be a part of the work they do.

Find a Boys & Girls Club Near You

There are eight Boys & Girls Clubs throughout Western Pennsylvania. They offer after school programs, sports and fitness, life skills coaching, arts classes, and more. You can see a list of their locations on their website as well as the specific programs offered at each site.