November 2018 Archive

Fighting Childhood Hunger With Josh Bell
Giving Back Spotlight: Playworks

Next up in our community spotlight series is the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. We teamed up with baseball players Josh Bell & Josh Harrison to help bring healthy meals to people in our region.

Blessings in a Backpack
Giving Back Spotlight: Blessings in a Backpack

Food insecurity is a problem that 13 million children face. Blessings in a Backpack is one part of the solution to that problem.

Teaming up with Kris Letang
Giving Back Spotlight: The Boys & Girls Clubs

We're proud to work alongside hockey star Kris Letang and the Boys & Girls Clubs as they provide a space for kids to work, play, and grow. Here's what they are doing to support children in our region.

Kris Letang and Playworks
Giving Back Spotlight: Playworks

Next up in our community spotlight series is Playworks. We partnered with hockey star Kris Letang to help bring healthy, active play to kids in our region.

Miracles in Moon
Giving Back Spotlight: Miracles in Moon

Our next community spotlight is on Miracles in Moon. They're determined help every child, regardless of physical ability, participate in a simple childhood pleasure: playing baseball.

Variety the Children's Charity
Giving Back Spotlight: Variety

The next organization in our "Giving Back" highlight series is Variety, the Children's Charity. Learn how they help kids in our region accomplish their dreams.

The Heyward House
Giving Back Spotlight: The Heyward House

We're excited to highlight our community partners this holiday season. First up: football player Cameron Heyward's foundation The Heyward House.

Thanksgiving drinking
Thanksgiving Dangers

Did you know that the night before Thanksgiving is considered one of the deadliest days to be on the road due to drunk drivers and holiday travel?

winter car driving
Winter Weather Alert

Western Pennsylvania is experiencing winter weather that will last into the weekend. Snow and freezing rain can combine to create hazardous conditions on the road. Don’t get caught unprepared while driving, especially with busy holiday traffic.