Local School Bus Accident in Route 228 Construction Zone

school bus

MARS, Pa., September 25, 2018—A local school bus carrying 40 students crashed early this week in a construction zone on Route 228. The bus hit a barrier, went over an embankment, and landed on its side, requiring six students to be sent immediately to the hospital. Additional students were later sent to other area hospitals.

This is the second bus crash to happen in the same construction zone within three months. The earlier crash, occurring in July, also involved a bus going over a hillside. While there were no students on that bus at the time, the driver was reportedly injured.

Construction zone vehicle injuries are a complicated area of law – there can be many causes, they can involve many parties, and there is a limited amount of time to bring a claim. Though school bus accidents are rare, they further complicate the details of the accident. If your child was hurt in a school bus accident and have questions, or if you were hurt in a construction zone accident, we encourage you to give us a call.

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