April 2017 Archive

Distracted driving is an epidemic in the U.S.
Study: Americans Drive Distracted Nearly Every Trip

How big of a safety issue is distracted driving? According to the three-month analysis conducted by ZenDrive blog, Americans use their cell phones nearly every time they're behind the wheel.

Opioid drugs are prescribed in 69 percent of PA workers' comp cases
PA Bill Would Prevent Opioid Abuse in Workers' Comp Program

The goal of the legislation is to reduce the over-prescription of opioids in the Workers' Compensation program.

Be safe, take a motorcycle skills training class
Skills Training is Key to Motorcycle Safety
Nursing home abuse is up in PA
Nursing Home Abuse Cases Up in PA, But There's Hope

Fortunately, it's not all gloom and doom for Pennsylvania's senior citizens and nursing home residents.

Prom safety tips for parents
5 Tips to Keep Teens Safe on Prom Night

Please don't underestimate the potential for a prom night car accident. If you're a parent of a teenager, consider these tips to keep your kids safe.

Millennials' driving habits put them at risk
Risky Driving Behaviors Put Millennials at Risk

For certain young adults, long gone are the days of cautiously driving their parents’ aging cars at 16. Now, a recent survey reported that 88 percent of millennials are engaging in more risky behavior on the roads than ever before.

Stay safe on National Walk Day.
How NOT to Spend National Walking Day

We're not here to tell you how to enjoy National Walking Day. Spend your half-an-hour doing whatever you enjoy most on walks: Go for a hike, go with your family, or take your dog. But we are here to tell you how NOT to spend National Walking Day.