Too Distracted While Driving? Automatic Driver Mode Might be in Your Future

What is Automatic Driver Mode?

Whether you’re a veteran driver or just got your license, certain things can become automatic once you’re comfortable driving a vehicle. Maybe you’re confident you can turn your wheel with only one hand or have no issue gulping down some coffee on your morning commute.

Answering phone calls and dashing off texts might be commonplace for you, too, but soon, all technological distractions in the car could be cut off thanks to Automatic Driver Mode.

What’s Automatic Driver Mode?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has been keeping an eye on the distracted driving epidemic and it wants to change how drivers use their phones in the car. It’s no longer enough for smartphone manufacturers to have apps people can download to keep calls and voicemails at bay, such as Apple CarPlay and Android’s Auto.

Now, the NHTSA wants smartphone manufacturers to do more. The agency is proposing smartphone manufacturers include a new, automatic “driving mode” that will help to either disable or downplay features deemed unnecessary while a car is in motion.

What Phone Features are Distracting for Drivers?

Some of the features that “driver mode” would disable or reduce include:

  • Manual text entry
  • Photo and video playback
  • Social networking (such as Facebook or Twitter)
  • Web browsing (no more checking Google while you’re rolling to a stop)
  • Non-essential texts

It’s the hope that this mode would be enabled automatically once a car is going faster than 5 mph.

Automatic Driving Mode and Passengers?

Technological advances are still being made regarding how to differentiate a driver’s phone from a passenger’s. For now, the driver would need to manually activate “driver mode” if smartphone manufacturers decide to include it on their devices.

No matter what happens with this upcoming technology, the end goal is to keep drivers on the road safe and distraction free.

How Do I Keep Myself Safe Now?

A phone call or text message is never worth your life — or someone else’s. If you have to answer, pull over safely and put your car in park before checking your phone. Commit to ending distracted driving by signing our Safe Driving Pledge.

We hope you’re never injured because of a distracted driver, but if you are, know that we’re available 24/7 to help answer your legal questions. Call us now for a free case review.