Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with a Drink? Don't Drive

Don't drink and drive this St. Patrick's Day

They say that everybody's Irish on St. Patrick's Day—but the car accident injury attorneys at Edgar Snyder & Associates know all too well that even the luck of the Irish can't prevent drunk drivers from hurting themselves and others in alcohol-related crashes on what's become a holiday synonymous with drinking.

The sad truth is, that drunk driving was to blame for more than 10,500 car crashes in Pennsylvania in 2015—and national statistics show that the number of motor vehicle accidents spike every year on St. Patrick's Day.

If you're planning to celebrate St. Patrick's Day by attending Pittsburgh's iconic parade this weekend, our injury attorneys wanted to remind holiday revelers that consuming just one too many green beers before climbing behind the wheel of a car could lead to a DUI accident that could change your life—or someone else's—forever.

That's why we're offering these St. Patrick's Day safety tips, as well as chances to win Uber gift cards (more on that in a bit).

So before donning your finest "Kiss Me I'm Irish" T-shirt and heading downtown, please take note of these suggestions from all of us here at Edgar Snyder & Associates:

1. Know your limit. The human body, on average, can filter out one serving of alcohol each hour (i.e. about one 12-ounce beer, one 1-ounce shot of liquor, or a 4-ounce glass of wine). Each serving of alcohol raises a person's blood-alcohol content by about .02 percent. That means that you if consume four alcoholic beverages in one hour, your BAC would be .08 percent—which is above the legal limit.

2. Have a plan. If you know you will be drinking, it's imperative to have a plan in place for how you will get home before you ever leave to go out. Select a designated driver, plan to take public transportation, hail a cab or summon an Uber and Lyft.

3. Look out for your friends. If you see that a friend you know has driven is too impaired to safely operate his vehicle, remember that services like The Pear are available in Pittsburgh. Not familiar with the professional driving service? When you call The Pear, sober, licensed drivers will transport you—and your car—home.

4. Understand social host laws. According to Pennsylvania law, any host who serves alcohol to minors at a party or social function will be held responsible for those minors – even if they leave your party. So, if you're serving alcohol at your St. Patrick's Day party, keep it under close supervision. Even if a minor consumes alcohol without your knowledge or consent, you can still be held accountable.

5. Pledge to drive safely this St. Patrick's Day. We encourage everyone to celebrate the holiday responsibly, and take the Edgar Snyder & Associates Safe Driving Pledge. We promise it's worth more than just peace of mind: We're giving away hundreds of dollars of Uber gift cards, and we'll enter you to win one just for signing up. So what are you waiting for? Take the pledge now!

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