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Drugged driving and seniors: What you need to know
Drugged Driving Among Senior Citizens a Growing Concern

With age may come wisdom, but for some, it may also come with medical conditions—and some of them could require prescription medication. Unfortunately for many older, mobile Americans, meds and travel don't mix.

Beware of the dangers of drowsy driving
Need Sleep? Then You Might Be at Greater Risk of a Crash

If you've been skimping on sleep, listen up: Getting less than four hours of shut-eye each day gives you about the same level of impairment as being legally drunk.

Exploding E-Cigarettes Prompt FDA Action
FDA Taking Action on Exploding E-Cigarettes

The FDA announced recently that it will host a two-day public workshop in April to gather information and discuss safety concerns related to e-cigarette batteries.

off-season motorcycling
Introducing Snyder's Drivers

We'd like to invite you to join Snyder's Drivers, a community of people committed to help keep our roads safer for everyone.

PA's 2015 Crash Statistics
5 Things to Know About PA's 2015 Crash Statistics

It's important to note that while fatal crashes decreased across the board in 2015, in many categories, crash injuries are on the rise.

Top Workplace Hazards of 2016
These Were the Top 5 Workplace Hazards in 2016

The prevalence of workplace injuries brings an old saying to mind: Luck favors the prepared. That's because workplace injuries can often be prevented altogether through education and training, as well as the proper use of personal protective gear.

DUI arrests were up 44 percent this past holiday
Holiday DUI Crashes, Arrests Up in 2016

The countdown to the 2016 Christmas holiday came with stern warnings from law enforcement officials to party people throughout the Keystone State: Drive sober or get pulled over. It was a warning that, unfortunately, went unheeded by hundreds of people.

off-season motorcycling
Rider Resolutions

Still need a New Year's resolution? We have a couple ideas to offer up for motorcyclists.

Need a New Year's Resolution? How about one of these?
Try One of These New Year's Resolutions

The holidays are officially over: The iconic ball has dropped, the corks have been popped and a new year is now upon us. Might we suggest one of these resolutions?