School Bus Safety Stats

School bus accident statistics show crashes are rare.

Parents across the country likely held their kids a little tighter after hearing of the tragic Tennessee school bus crash earlier this month that killed six students and injured dozens more.

Since the national spotlight is still on school bus safety, the car accident injury attorneys at Edgar Snyder & Associates wanted to take the opportunity to soothe parents' minds: School bus crashes, while horrible, are thankfully few and far between.

If the recent deadly crash has you considering alternate transportation for your youngster, please know this: The school bus is still the safest way for your child to get to class.

Not convinced? Don't take our word for it—consider these school bus facts:

FACT: School Buses Are Designed for Safety

Statistically, your child is 50 times more likely to arrive safely to school if they are riding the bus. That's because busses are built for safety. They have specific safety features, including:

  • Flashing red lights
  • A stop arm
  • Cross-view mirrors
  • Reinforced sides
  • Bright colors

FACT: School Bus Drivers Are Well Trained

The bus drivers hired by your local school district are both routinely trained and monitored. In addition, school bus drivers:

  • are subject to drug and alcohol screenings
  • are trained to understand and handle student behavior
  • are trained to effectively handle emergency situations

FACT: Just 61 School Bus Passengers Have Been Killed in Crashes Since 2004

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that between 2004 and 2013, U.S. drivers were involved in more than 340,000 fatal motor vehicle crashes. Of those, just 1,214 involved school buses—that's just .4 percent.

Here are some other school bus crash statistics to consider:

  • The NHTSA estimates that between 2004 and 2013, 106 people total died in school bus-related crashes.
  • Of those, 61 were passengers. The other 45 were school bus drivers.
  • In 2015, there were 127,127 reportable crashes in Pennsylvania, with 314 involving school buses.
  • While six people were killed in Pennsylvania school bus crashes in 2015, none were passengers.
  • A whopping 91 percent of people involved in school bus crashes in Pennsylvania were uninjured.

The odds of being in a school bus crash in Pennsylvania or anywhere else in the United States is low, but the motor vehicle injury attorneys at Edgar Snyder & Associates understand that no matter how careful we are, sometimes accidents still happen.

We hope your life is never touched by a crash—school bus or otherwise—but if it is, we know you probably have many important questions. If you or someone you care about was injured in an accident, call us today for a free case review. We're available 24/7 to help.

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