September 2016 Archive

27,000 older Americans die because of a fall each year.
Falls are Leading Cause of Injury and Death Among Elderly

Falls are a leading cause of injury and death among older Americans, and safety advocates are increasingly referring to the matter as a public health issue.

Try this Apple Pie Punch mocktail.
September Mocktail: Apple Pie Punch

It's no secret that holidays are responsible for an increase in drinking and driving. To avoid this, nonalcoholic drinks can be a great way to keep you and your guests safe while enjoying fall celebrations.

Pittsburgh police will be increasing DUI patrols in 2017
Pittsburgh Police Beefing Up DUI Patrols in 2017

We applaud the City of Pittsburgh for stepping up its efforts in cracking down on DUIs, and we ask all of our friends in and around the 'Burgh to do their part, too: Please, don't drink and drive.

Autumn motorcycle riding
Gear Up, Cool Down, and Stay Safe While Riding This Fall

If you live in Pennsylvania, you’re no stranger to the beauty of fall foliage. Surrounded by brightly colored leaves and crisp air, autumn makes for some of the best riding weather. If you're continuing to ride later into the season, we have some tips on how to enhance your motorcycle ride for the change in weather.

Essential Car Kit
Fall and Winter Car Kit

With the fall air drawing near, this is a time for drivers to take note of what gear they are storing in their vehicles. The seasons of fall and winter bring icy roads, colder weather, and various less than ideal driving conditions.

Daniel's Law
A New Law May Be Coming for Drivers

It happens all the time. You get into your car, put on your seat belt, and start driving down the road when you hear your cellphone chime with a text alert. Now comes the moment of truth, do you pick up your phone to read the text and reply?

Apps for Drivers
Smartphone Apps for Drivers

Nearly every day we hear about new mobile apps that have been introduced to the smartphone world. Regardless of what type of vehicle you drive — or how often your tires hit the road — constantly evolving technology can help enhance your driving experience and, in some instances, keep you safer on the road.

CDC hopes new tool will help employers keep their workers who travel safe.
New CDC Tool Will Help Keep Traveling Workers Safe

Do you, your family members, or your friends travel for work? If so, it is important to consider these work-travel statistics.

Pennsylvania is consistently listed as one of the top states for deer vs. car collisions
PA Residents: You're This Much More Likely to Hit a Deer

Pennsylvania is famous for many things. We're the city of bridges, the city of champions, and champions of the pierogi. We're also known for our deer—and the car accidents they cause.

distracted driving isn't just a problem among teens
Distracted Driving Isn't Just a Problem Among Teens

When we discuss the dangers of distracted driving, the focus is so often on the failings of America's youngest drivers. But teens aren't the only ones who have a problem checking their phones while behind the wheel.

Is Poor Care Leading to Nursing Home Abuse in PA?
Is Poor Care Leading to Nursing Home Abuse, Death, in PA?

The quality of care provided at Pennsylvania nursing homes has earned a failing grade by one of the nation's leading advocacy organizations. A recent report has called into question how well the Commonwealth protects some of its most vulnerable residents: the elderly.

Snyder's Riders Tune Up: News, motorcycle safety tips and more.
Snyder's Rider's September Tune Up

September is already turning out to be a promising month to get out and ride. We look forward to continuing the SR Rider IQ Challenge and announcing winners for both it and the second round of the Safe Riding Pledge.

Labor Day travel warning
Safety Experts: This Labor Day Could Be Deadly for Motorists

Labor Day weekend travelers, be forewarned: The roads could be (even more) deadly this year.

Labor Day Weekend
Follow These Labor Day Safety Tips

Roughly 34.1 million Americans will travel at least 50 miles over the long Labor Day weekend, which runs from Friday evening through midnight Monday.