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August Events

*SR* designates events where Hal & Snyder’s Riders will be present. Check social media for any updates, cancellations, or additional events.

  • Tuesday, Aug. 16 – Jergel's Bike Night - Ladies Night, Warrendale, PA - *SR*
  • Wednesday Aug. 17 - Cycle Gear Bike Night, Allison Park, PA - *SR*
  • Thursday, Aug. 18 - Tilted Kilt Bike Night, Robinson, PA - *SR*
  • Saturday, Aug. 20 - Three Rivers Harley Davidson Military Salute & Fisher House Bike Run, Glenshaw, PA - *SR*
  • Saturday, Aug. 27 - Three Rivers Harley Davidson Breast Cancer Awareness Bike Run, Glenshaw, PA - *SR*

Planning to Travel This Summer?

Summer is still in full gear, so remember to prepare yourself and your bike for any and all travel. Before anything, inspect your bike. Check tires and wheels, controls, lights, oil, chassis (the base frame), and the kickstand (think of the acronym T.-C.L.O.C.K.S. – Courtesy of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation). If you’re packing any form of luggage on your bike, be sure that it’s secure and doesn’t obstruct any bike controls or mechanisms, especially your lights. There’s nothing worse than leaving for a long ride only to find out that your bike wasn’t prepared to make the trip.

Likewise, prepare yourself. When preparing for a ride, think to yourself, “Are you R.E.A.D.Y.?” (Courtesy of Stayin’ Safe – Advanced Rider Training)

  • R – Stay relaxed and refreshed.
  • E – Make sure you’re equipped with full and proper riding gear.
  • A - Anticipate likely activity and potential threats. Be prepared for increased holiday traffic, distracted drivers, construction zones, weather conflicts, etc.
  • D – Be drug, alcohol, and distraction free. Reminder – over 40 percent of motorcycle fatalities are related to some type of impairment, including medications that may affect your riding abilities.
  • Y – Be prepared to yield to aggressive drivers. Ultimately, it is YOUR attitude that determines how you ride. It doesn't pay to be “right” if you are the one paying the price!

Also consider the helmet laws of other states you may travel through. Remember, while we have specific exemptions allowing freedom of choice here in Pennsylvania, a properly fit DOT helmet is still our number one recommended piece of riding gear!

Finally, allow extra time to reach your destination. Leave yourself extra time to deal with any “unknowns.” If you’re tired, pull off the road and reconsider your plans. Driving “zoned out” is no way to enjoy your ride, let alone ride safely.

Above all, enjoy your time in “the saddle” by considering these basic tips. That way we can all Ride Alongside this summer travel season!

Motorcycle Airbag Recall Alert

Honda Goldwings (model years 2006-2010) are now a part of the massive Takata airbag recall. These airbags can rupture and propel shrapnel at the rider. See if your motorcycle is affected by checking your VIN or by calling your motorcycle dealership/service location.

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