Playing Pokemon Go? Don't Injure Yourself!

Pokemon Go!

You're sitting at your desk and attempting to concentrate on the task at hand when you take a gander at your Pokemon Go app, which shows you there is a Charmander or Drowzee in the park right outside the office.

You decide it's a good a time as any for that 15-minute break and venture out into the sunshine to see if you can capture a few more Pokemon. Sound familiar? We thought so.

Pokemon Go has been all the rage since Nintendo unveiled the mobile app, which allows users to hunt down and capture Pokemon characters, as well as meet up in the real world with like-minded players to train, fight and socialize.

Because of the engrossing nature of the game, there has also been a spate of injuries reported across the country by users chasing down elusive Pokemons.

According to news reports, the ways in which users are "wiping out" while playing Pokemon Go are almost as varied as the 151 styles of Pokemon you can capture in it.

We know: We've seen our staffers and other folks in the U.S. Steel Building walking—heads down—all while staring into their cell phone screens. Needless to say, we've even witnessed some close calls.

Here at Edgar Snyder & Associates, we're admittedly still perfecting our Pokeball throws, but safety is right in our wheelhouse.

We wanted to make sure you were aware of these common Pokemon Go scenarios that could potentially cause you harm:

The Co-Worker Rear-End

When you're playing Pokemon Go, it's easy to get GPS-style tunnel vision. Maybe you're looking at the map screen and walking in the direction of the next Pokestop. Maybe you're looking though the camera of your phone to catch the nearest Pokemon.

Either way, be aware of your speed. If your pace is quicker than the flow of pedestrian traffic, you may end up rear-ending a co-worker. While you won't end up with a ticket, such a collision could cause embarrassment and perhaps even a bruised ego.

The Cross-Walk Collision

We get it: When it comes to Pokemon Go, sometimes time is of the essence. While you may be tempted to cross the street when it isn't your turn, we implore you not to.

As a pedestrian, you only have the right of way when the "walk" signal is flashing. And it's difficult to determine if it's your turn to walk when your head is down and your attention is on your screen.

The Uneven Sidewalk Slip Up

In a perfect world, all streets would have sidewalks, and all those sidewalks would be evenly paved. But alas, we don't live in a perfect world. Our sidewalks can be pockmarked and uneven—all the more reason to give their condition your attention when playing Pokemon Go.

The Distracted Driving Disaster

Over the years, the car accident attorneys at Edgar Snyder & Associates have represented people injured in crashes involving distracted drivers. We know the dangers of texting and driving, and posting to social media while operating a motor vehicle.

We beg you: Don't be that guy—the one who has one eye on a Pikachu and the other on the road. The National Safety Council reports that 1.6 million crashes each year are attributed to cell phone use while driving—we don't want you to be part of that statistic.

Bottom line: In all seriousness, there have been stories linking Pokemon Go to injuries and robberies. If you're one of the droves of people playing their way through Pokemon Go, make sure you do so safely.