Report: Pittsburgh, Philly Among Least-Safe Driving Cities in U.S.

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When it comes to driving safely, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh drivers are allegedly the worst.


Allstate Insurance's 2016 America's Best Drivers Report ranked Philadelphia and Pittsburgh among the worst cities in the United States when it comes to safe driving.

Out of 200 cities in America, the report put Philly at 192 and Pittsburgh at 178.

The annual report evaluated many factors, including:

  • Average years between collisions
  • The relative collision likelihood compared to the national average
  • The number of hard-braking events per every 1,000 miles driven

What flagged Philly as the ninth-worst large city for safe driving? The report indicates there is a correlation between hard braking and collision frequency

Cities with greater collision frequencies also recorded more hard-braking events. Philadelphia motorists had more hard-braking events per 1,000 miles driven than those in any other city on the list.

According to the report, Philadelphia drivers, on average, are also involved in a collision every 6.3 years. By comparison, drivers in the city ranked as the most-safe in the nation for driving—Brownsville, Texas—went more than 14 years between collisions.

That's not all—Allstate reports that Philadelphia drivers, compared to the national average, are 57.8 percent more likely to be in a collision.

Why is Pittsburgh ranked 178? While Philadelphia motorists were the worst offenders when it came to hard-braking events—with 33 events per every 1,000 miles driven—those in the Steel City had 18.3 per 1,000 miles.

Pittsburgh drivers only fared slightly better than their Philly counterparts when it came to the average number of years between collisions. Pittsburgh drivers, on average, go 7.4 years between collisions.

The report also indicates that motorists who cruise the Golden Triangle are, when compared to the national average, 35.9 percent more likely to be involved in a collision.

While those are certainly sobering statistics, the car accident injury attorneys at Edgar Snyder & Associates take heart in the fact Pittsburgh is trending up on the list of safe driving cities—it jumped seven spots on the chart in just one year.

We have represented injured people for more than three decades, so we know first-hand how unsafe driving habits lead to serious crashes. We wanted to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to sign our Safe Driving Pledge.

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Allstate Insurance's 2016 America's Best Drivers Report