7 Most Dangerous Toys of 2015


You would think that with today's advancements in technology and strict safety requirements, children's toys would be safer than ever. However, this is not always the case. Toys created today are still quite dangerous. Each year, thousands of children are injured by toys with small parts, toxic substances, and inaccurate warning labels. On average, there are over 250,000 toy-related injuries each year and several toy-related deaths. We took a look back to see what the most dangerous toys of 2015 were.

1. Hoverboard


One of the most popular toys of the 2015 holiday was the hoverboard. When the hoverboard was first put on the market, people were amazed by this gadget that made skateboarding look like a thing of the past. However, people's feelings about the hoverboard quickly changed once they realized how truly dangerous it could be. Not only have hoverboards injured many people because they're difficult to use, but they've also started large fires both when they were and were not plugged into outlets.

Fires started by hoverboards have caused a lot of damage too. Last month, ABC released a story about a Tennessee mansion that was destroyed in a fire caused by a hoverboard. The fire spread so rapidly that a 16-year-old girl was forced to jump from her second floor window into her father's arms to escape the fire. The brand of hoverboard that caused this incident, the Fiturbo F1 hoverboard is no longer sold by Amazon or other large retailers. Several other versions of hoverboards have also been recalled.

2. Quick Folding Trampoline

The quick folding trampoline is a small toy designed for young children that allows them to bounce on a mini-sized trampoline indoors. The toy is marketed to six-year-olds and its warning label does state that it should only be used with adult supervision. Although, even with adult supervision, injuries can still occur says the dangerous toy report released by W.A.T.C.H. (World Against Toys Causing Harm). The warning label clearly tells consumers that "landing on the head or neck can cause serious injury, paralysis, or death, even when landing in the middle of the bed."

3. "Bud" Wheely Cute Pull Along Toy


The Wheely Cute Pull Along Toy, "Bud," is a moving puppy toy created for infants to play with. The stuffed animal puppy is soft and lush, yet it sits on four wooden wheels with small parts that have harmed children. In some cases, the four small blue caps on the wheels have fallen off and acted as a choking hazard to young children. In June of 2015, the toy was recalled for its potentially dangerous parts.

4. Smack Shot

The Smack Shot is a toy that looks similar to a slingshot and does essentially the same thing, yet it is marketed towards children. It does warn users that they should not shoot it too close to their target however, it still seems very possible that injuries could occur. W.A.T.C.H. worries that children using this toy may not have the proper aim to avoid shooting it too close to another person or an animal and hurting them.

5. Leonardo's Electronic Stealth Sword


This toy sword was modeled after a sword used by the famous Ninja Turtles character, Leonardo. While it is created to provide children with harmless fun, W.A.T.C.H. is concerned that the blade on this sword has the potential to cause facial injuries and other injuries if the sword is misused with forceful impact.

6. Pull Along Zebra

Since many toys are created for very young children, modern safety requirements require the strings on toys and cribs to be less than 12 inches to prevent children from strangulation. However, the Pull Along Zebra is an unethical exception to this requirement. Since it is sold as a "pull toy" its string doesn't have to be shorter than 12 inches. The 21 inch. long string on this toy, recommended for 12-36 month year olds, can be extremely dangerous and potentially fatal.

7. Kid Connection Doctor Play Set


The Kid Connection Doctor Play Set is a toy sold for young children that includes small, plastic models of doctor's tools. However, one of the pieces is a tongue depressor that measures to almost 5 inches long. This toy could be very dangerous for young children if they press it too far into their mouths and obstruct their airway, preventing them from breathing.

We expect children's toys to adhere to the highest level of safety since they are targeted towards such a young audience. However, this is unfortunately not always true. Children's toys can be hazardous, especially if they are faulty or mislabeled. It is important to understand that even though technology is quite advanced, manufacturing mistakes can still occur. It's important to stay informed and take extra precautions while buying children's toys.

Was Your Child Injured by a Children's Toy?

If your child has been injured by a children's toy due to a faulty error or an inaccurate warning label, we are here to help. We can help you fight for what your family deserves and help further prevent other children from being injured by the same product.

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