Take-a-Cab Program Helps New Year's Eve Partygoers Get Home Safely

taxi sign

This year's numbers are in. This past New Year's Eve, the "Take-a-Cab, We'll Pay the Tab" program enabled 126 Blair County residents to make it home safe and able to look forward to a bright 2016.

As part of an effort to reduce alcohol-related car accidents during the holiday season, the "Take-a-Cab" program provides free cab rides so partygoers don't resort to buzzed or drunk driving after a night out celebrating the New Year.

The "Take-a-Cab" initiative is made available through the support of Pyramid Healthcare, Inc., in association with Blair Drug & Alcohol Partnerships, and the law offices of Edgar Snyder & Associates. For 20 years, this campaign has provided safe, free rides from sober drivers. This year, the program provided 59 free rides home in Blair County from 10 PM – 3 AM on Thursday, December 31.

At Edgar Snyder & Associates, we see too often the pain, hurt, and loss caused by drunk drivers. Driving while intoxicated is a mistake, and it's one drivers can't afford to make. If a drunk driver hurt you or someone you love, contact us to learn your legal options. We can't turn back the clock and erase the accident, but we can help get you the compensation you need to look toward the future.