Give the Gift of a Lifetime: Variety the Children's Charity

variety children's charity

Think back to the best gift you've ever received. Was it something practical that made your life a little easier? Was it something luxurious that you wanted for a long time? Was it something small but priceless because of its sentimental value?

Was it a once-in-a-lifetime gift that literally changed your life?

That is precisely the kind of present that over 100 local children will receive this holiday season thanks to Variety the Children's Charity. Due to the generosity of their donors, Variety has more than 150 adaptive strollers and communication devices that they're ready to give to eligible children in our area.

The Difference Variety Makes

Variety's mission is to help children with disabilities live life to the fullest, with a focus on "mobility, communication, and social interaction/inclusion." We've worked with Variety for the past several years to provide adaptive bicycles to kids through their "My Bike" program, but that's only a part of what Variety does:

Variety's "My Stroller" Program: This program provides adaptive strollers to eligible kids with disabilities. Most families have to choose between an adaptive stroller and a wheelchair and end up opting for the wheelchair. However, an adaptive stroller sometimes allows for easier "on-the-go" mobility and therefore, greater participation in daily activities. See how this program helps.

Variety's "My Voice" Program: Can you imagine not being able to communicate the simplest of thoughts or feelings, such as "I'm hurt" or "I love you"? Variety encounters many children in this exact situation and wants to give them a voice. This program provides communication devices ( iPad) to eligible children with a communication disorder. See how this program helps.

Apply, Contact Variety, or Spread the Word

You can truly give the gift of a lifetime through Variety's wonderful programs. If you know a child who could benefit, click the following links for the application:

"My Stroller" Application

"My Voice" Application

You can also help spread the word about these amazing resources available in our area. Tell friends and family, share on social media – anything helps. Variety is happy to provide more information to anyone who is interested. You can call them at 724-399-0460 or check out their website.

We'd like to thank Variety for all of the inspiring work they do – it's an honor to be a part of their mission.