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I wasn't relying on our insurance, I was relying on Edgar Snyder.

They did something they and they cared and that's what really really impressed me was the caring.

The condition I was in there was no way I could have done this on my own.

He got me to the point where we could concentrate on just getting well.

They did help me settle with the insurance companies, they did help me get um money to help with my future.

If you've been hurt call Edgar Snyder & Associates.

What happened at Edgar Snyder was just above and beyond.

Introducing Our New Client Testimonials

Losing a friend. Being unable to work. Waking up in a hospital. Having no idea where to turn.

These are desperate situations. You never think you'll be in one, but it can happen in a second. Unfortunately, this is where many of our clients find themselves.

Over the next few weeks, we will share the stories of some of those clients. We invite you to follow their stories with us. You'll learn about the tragedy, frustration, and pain each of them faced, but you'll also learn how Edgar Snyder & Associates gave them the support they needed through their difficult times.

You'll meet Robyn, who was injured twice on the job. Bo & Joyce were hit by a drunk driver. You'll also meet Bryan, who was injured as a result of a careless driver. And there's Tara, who was hit head on by a drunk driver. Then, you'll meet Mary Frances, who suffered severe injuries after being struck while crossing the street.

We're so thankful and humbled to have these clients come forward and share their stories. While there's nothing that can make up for the tragedies that our clients suffered, we're honored to have helped them get back on their feet.