Helping Chloe Find Her Home


A few months ago, our law firm reached out to Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley, a wonderful no-kill animal shelter in New Kensington, PA. We wanted to see how we could help one of their canine residents find a home, and that's how we met Chloe.

Chloe's Story


Chloe's original owners surrendered her to Animal Protectors because of a skin condition. The shelter took her to a veterinarian who diagnosed Chloe with an allergy, most likely to food. They got her the proper treatment, and Chloe soon began to heal.

The shelter staff quickly discovered that 7-year-old Chloe was sweet and affectionate – an easygoing companion who loves car rides, bath time, and belly rubs. Animal Protectors employees choose dogs to take to training classes (so the staff can hone their dog handling skills), and Chloe was staff member Laura's first choice. "Chloe is VERY smart. She's extremely friendly with strangers and just goes with the flow. If you give her any sort of pets, she just leans into you and ‘smiles,'" Laura said.

Our firm wanted to do everything we could to find Chloe her "forever" home. We signed up to pay for her adoption fees and microchipping. We also posted a billboard featuring Chloe and the shelter.

We hoped that Chloe's sweet face and personality would win someone over and that she would leave the shelter with her new family soon.

Chloe Heads Home


Our hopes were realized a few days later by a woman named Sarah. "When I first saw Chloe," Sarah explained, "I was immediately drawn to her gentle personality and sweet little face. With four cats at home, I wasn't sure that adding one more to our family was the best idea, but I couldn't get her face (and story) out of my mind."

Sarah convinced her husband, Jon, to come to the shelter to meet Chloe, and Chloe did the rest of the work. "It didn't take much convincing. She immediately gave us all the kisses she could and rolled over within a minute, asking for a belly rub," Sarah said. They knew right then that Chloe had to be a part of their lives.

So how is Chloe fitting into her new household – and getting along with her four feline siblings? Sarah said it's been a smooth transition. "Chloe gets along well with the cats, and they enjoy sleeping on the bed with her. She's become inseparable from me and my husband. She's such a huge part of our family already, and we can't imagine not having the opportunity to adopt her. A big thanks to Animal Protectors and Edgar Snyder & Associates for bringing our little girl into our lives!"

The real thanks goes to Animal Protectors for the amazing job they do helping so many animals and to people like Sarah and Jon who open up their hearts and homes to animals looking for a second chance.

Millions of Animals Waiting for Homes

Over 7 million animals enter shelter doors each year, and more than four million of them find permanent homes. That's an impressive number, but there's still room for improvement. Organizations like Animal Protectors do an amazing job of providing a safe haven for cats and dogs, but a cage in a shelter shouldn't be their final destination. If you're ever in the market for a new pet, consider visiting your local shelter first. And if you're in the Pittsburgh area, make sure you check out all of the adoptable animals at Animal Protectors.