Keep It Cool With Your Ghouls

Keep It Cool With Your Ghouls

Safety Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe On Halloween

Nothing will spoil your spooky fun on Halloween faster than an accident or injury. While Halloween is often associated with things that go bump in the night, the real dangers on All Hallows' Eve may actually be right under your nose.

Keep these safety tips in mind as you take your little ghosts and goblins trick-or-treating. It's important to stay safe and be smart, especially on a day like Halloween.


We always recommend that an adult accompany children under 12. It's important to everyone that kids are supervised when they're out trick-or-treating. If your child is old enough – and you feel comfortable with them going unsupervised – make sure they have a buddy.

By using the buddy system, unsupervised kids can help watch over each other. It's always important for you – as a parent – to feel comfortable with letting your kids go alone. Be sure to cover safe ground rules and what to do if they get separated.

Masks or Not?

Keep It Cool With Your Ghouls

Masks are an important part of many Halloween costumes. Whether it's a ninja, a robot, a spooky ghost, or anything else, the mask can really complete the outfit. However, it's important to consider whether or not your younger child should have a mask.

Masks can limit the ability to see and hear a potential danger. Moreover, younger kids can have trouble breathing with a mask on. Make sure you're child is able to observe their surroundings before deciding on that perfect mask.

Stay Seen

By Halloween, you've probably noticed the days getting shorter and shorter. Since the sun sets much earlier, it's important to make sure your costumed kiddos can be seen. Consider using reflective tape on their treat bags or costume. If that's not an option, have them carry a flash light or neon glow sticks.

With the number of dark costumes at Halloween, it's difficult for drivers to see trick-or-treaters. Be sure your little ones are seen and, if it's dark, bring a flashlight to guide the way.

Halloween Safety

Stick to Sidewalks

It might be tempting to take your kids to the street, so they can hit houses on either side of the street. However, it's important to keep the foot traffic to sidewalks. Cars are still coming and going, and it can be seriously dangerous for trick-or-treaters. In fact, driving at dusk is one of the most dangerous times to drive, especially when there are costumed children out and about.

Stay on the sidewalk and plan your route accordingly. That way you can maximize your kid's candy collection, while staying safe and off the street.

Check the Sweets

Keep It Cool With Your Ghouls

It's a tip as old as time, but it's important: check your child's candy. Discard any wrappers that appear to have been opened or tampered. Don't accept or eat anything that isn't wrapped from the manufacturer.

The last thing you want is for the candy to cause any problems – anything from food poisoning to something much worse. Keep your kids safe; inspect their candy first.

From Our Law, Have a Spooky Halloween

We hope you and your loved ones have a ghoulishly good time this Halloween. Remember to stay safe while trick-or-treating and keep these safety tips in mind. From everyone at Edgar Snyder & Associates, have a safe and spooky Halloween.