Stumped For Halloween? Snyderize Yourself

edgar snyder halloween costume

How To Dress as The Famous Pittsburgh Lawyer This Halloween

If you live in the Western Pennsylvania area and are still stumped for a Halloween costume this year, we've got you covered. No Halloween party in this region is complete without at least one Attorney Edgar Snyder! So bust out your beard, bald cap, and snazziest suit and transform yourself into the famous Pittsburgh attorney this Halloween.

If you're in need of some inspiration for your lawyer transformation, you've come to the right place.

Check out some of our favorite Edgar Snyder costumes that we've come across over the years. Plus, we've also put together a helpful visual guide which simplifies the "Snyderization Process" into five easy steps.

Our Favorite Attorney Edgar Snyder Costumes

With their matching costumes, this sister-brother duo proves that two Edgar Snyders are better than one! Don't be scared to share your costume idea with a sibling or friend.

edgar snyder halloween costume

Inspired to try out the trend for yourself? Become Attorney Edgar Snyder in these five simple steps.

edgar snyder halloween costume

And even if you don't dress up as a prominent, local attorney this year...we hope you have a very safe and happy Halloween!

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