Published on Sep 18, 2015 by Edgar Snyder

Congratulations Anne Crilley

Anne Crilley Work Comp Judge

From Attorney to Judge – Congratulations Anne Crilley

Attorney Anne Crilley has been with Edgar Snyder & Associates for over 4 years, and she's been a very successful member of our Workers' Compensation team. We're happy to announce that Attorney Crilley has accepted a position to become a Workers' Compensation Judge for the Pittsburgh office. This is a huge honor, and we're excited to congratulate Attorney Crilley on all of her hard work.

Although this means we're losing a cherished member of our Workers' Compensation team, we know Judge Crilley will make a lasting impact on all the cases she presides over. With her experience and legal knowledge, she'll faithfully serve as the newest Work Comp Judge in the Pittsburgh office.

The Process of Becoming a Judge

We sat down with Attorney Crilley to learn more about the process of becoming a Workers' Compensation Judge in Allegheny County. It's a goal that she's been working towards for over 2 years. After submitting the initial application, she was required to take a test that measured her knowledge of the Workers' Compensation system in Pennsylvania.

Since she scored highly among her peers on the test, her name was put onto a list of potential Judge applicants. Once a position opened, she was called, interviewed, and ultimately appointed to her new position.

It was quite a lengthy and rigorous process to become a Work Comp Judge, but Attorney Crilley met each challenge head-on. She says that she's excited to undertake her new responsibilities and to preside over cases with a fair voice.

From the Other Side of the Bench

Attorney Crilley anticipates that becoming a Workers' Compensation Judge will present her with a new perspective. Since she's been closely involved in all aspects of workers' compensation claims, she'll have the experience and know-how to examine each and every case with the care it deserves. She's prepared to mediate resolutions that are fair and balanced for all parties involved.

When asked what drove her to pursue Workers' Compensation, she told us that as a young woman one of her family members had an experience with workers' compensation. That filled Attorney Crilley with a fascination for the subject. Through law school, she decided to make that her career path.

Inspiration and Dispelling the Myths

Attorney Crilley told us she was excited to join the ranks of some of the most respected judges she's ever encountered. She cites her inspiration for becoming a judge by following the example set by those she's worked with in the past. Current Workers' Compensation Judges have driven Attorney Crilley to do her absolute best, and she's ready to count them among her peers.

But being a judge isn't all black robes, courtrooms, and jury stands. She told us that many people have misconceptions about judges and what they do. Everything you've seen on TV isn't exactly the true. She tells us that it's far less intimidating. So if you're ever called in front of her, you don't have to worry about the big oak courtrooms or the panels of jury members.

A Few Words Before She Leaves

Anne Crilley shared a few words of wisdom for incoming law students and new attorneys. "Not to sound cliché, but find something important to you," she said, "then work hard and enjoy what you do."

We asked her about her time at Edgar Snyder & Associates. She said she was grateful to work with some of the best attorneys in Western Pennsylvania. As part of our Workers' Compensation team, Attorney Crilley has worked closely with her colleagues to get the best possible settlements for all of our clients.

Our Law Firm Wishes the Best to Work Comp Judge Anne Crilley

We congratulate Attorney Crilley on all her hard work and years of dedication to the firm. With Anne's help as she prepares to leave, we're sure not to miss a beat helping our current Workers' Compensation clients.

As always, if you ever need help with your on-the-job injury, our law firm is standing by. We can help if you've been denied workers' compensation, are in danger of losing your benefits, have suffered a scar on your head, face, or neck, or if you are interested in pursuing a lump sum settlement.

It's free to speak with our experienced legal team, and you won't pay us anything unless we win your case. That's our guarantee.

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