The Surprising First Jobs of 6 Partners at Edgar Snyder & Associates

attorneys first jobs

Top Attorneys' Most Unusual Jobs Before They Ever Appeared in an Edgar Snyder Commercial

You might recognize them from television ads, seen them on billboards, or even had one as an attorney, but the partners at Edgar Snyder & Associates didn't start out as the prominent, legal figures that they are today. During their early years, they clocked in hours at a wide variety of jobs prior to pursuing careers in law.

Long before these accomplished attorneys ever saw the inside of a courtroom, they learned to embrace hard work at some very unusual workplaces. The Edgar Snyder & Associates partners reveal the surprising stories behind their most peculiar past professions.

1. Painting Church Steeples

attorneys first jobs

Attorney and partner Jerry Hutton has always been able to say that he came to practice law by way of the church. When he was 17, he worked with his father and brother painting the exterior of a Presbyterian church in Pittsburgh's South Hills.

Attorney Hutton was in charge of painting the loftiest part of the church's roof—and according to him, the tallest spire was so high that even the steeple had a steeple on top of it. On one particularly windy day, when all he could do was hold on and try to dodge curious pigeons, he realized that painting was not his calling, and he decided to apply to college.

2. Selling Hot Dogs and Fries at The Original Station Street Hot Dog Shop

attorneys first jobs

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At 15, Attorney and partner Rick Rosenthal was paid 75 cents an hour to sell hot dogs and french fries at the well-known Station Street eatery in the East Liberty section of Pittsburgh. He recalls that hot dogs sold for 35 cents apiece at the time, and that each employee received a free hot dog lunch for every shift they worked.

3. Cleaning Operating Rooms at South Side Hospital

attorneys first jobs

As a college student in 1988, Attorney and partner Jason Lichtenstein spent the summer after his freshman year cleaning up post-surgery operating rooms at Pittsburgh's since-renamed, South Side Hospital. Attorney Lichtenstein maintains that the spookiest part of the job was discarding the medical waste material after each surgery. He remembers the eerie feeling he got while carrying the large bags of leftover, biomedical material to the medical waste incinerator.

4. Installing Swimming Pools and Selling Shoes, Purses

attorneys first jobs

During high school, Attorney and partner Michael Rosenzweig built and installed above ground swimming pools in backyards all over Western Pennsylvania to earn spending money. He remembers how difficult it was to ensure pools were completely flat and level when they were being installed in the typical, never-completely-flat, Western PA backyard.

While attending college and law school, Attorney Rosenzweig graduated from installing pools to selling shoes and purses at a clothing store in Downtown Pittsburgh.

5. Interning at the Allegheny County Coroner's Office

attorneys first jobs

In college, Attorney and partner Christine Zaremski-Young didn't have your typical internship in an office. As a forensic psychology intern for the Allegheny County Coroner's Office, her experience was more like an episode of CSI than The Office.

Attorney Zaremski-Young regularly responded to crime scenes to assist the Deputy Coroner. She collected evidence and helped transport the recently-deceased bodies back to the office. She also sat in on, and took notes during, autopsies.

Finding the Perfect Workplace

After trying out a very diverse mix of career paths, these professional powerhouses finally found their perfect workplace: Edgar Snyder & Associates. Since they began working at the firm, they have amassed decades of experience, they've won millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for their clients, and they are recognized with prestigious legal industry awards and memberships.

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