Your Guide to Buying the Right Bicycle Helmet

Your Guide to Buying the Right Bicycle Helmet

Gear Up With These Helpful Helmet Hints

Protecting your best asset – your brain – should be a top priority when you're out for a bike ride. But you should know, not all helmets are created equal. Depending on your riding style, the type of helmet you need could change drastically.

We always encourage wearing a helmet when you're riding. In fact, studies from the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute say that a certified helmet could prevent up to 85% of head injuries. This guide will provide you with all the info you need when you're picking out your bicycle helmet.

What to Look For in a Helmet

Fit – The most important component of any helmet is how well it fits and stays in place on your head. Make sure that it's snug – but not too tight – and always keep it level. Don't allow the helmet to tilt upwards, minimizing your protection.

Visibility – Make sure you pick a helmet that doesn't hinder your ability to see – or be seen. We typically encourage people to pick a color that'll stand out when you're riding. The more drivers are able to see you, the less likely you'll be involved in an auto accident.

Your Guide to Buying the Right Bicycle Helmet

Riding Style – Consider what kind of bike riding you'll be doing. Are you a mountain biker? Will you be commuting to work? There are different helmets for different riding styles. Some offer more or less ventilation, visors, rotating strap adjusters, and more.

Certified – Make sure you helmet is approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Look for the label that says "bicycle helmet" to be sure it's approved. Your new helmet should also come with a CPSC sticker inside as well.

Rider Age – All too often, we see thrifty consumers buying their kids adult helmets, hoping they'll "grow into them" over time. This poses a serious safety risk, because adult helmets are often too big and loose to adequately protect a child. Always buy a helmet that's age appropriate and fitted for the rider.

Pennsylvania Bike Helmet Law

All children under the age of 12-years-old are required by law to wear bicycle helmets in PA. This applies to children who are either riding the bike themselves or are passengers in bike seats or trailers.

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Stay Safe and Ride Smart

Take the right precautions and stay safe when you're out for a ride. Sometimes accidents happen no matter how safe you are. Be sure to check out what to do after a bicycle accident.

If you're injured, remember our law firm is available around the clock for a free legal consultation. Don't hesitate to call us 24/7.