Construction Zone Accidents from the Workers' Perspective

construction zone accidents

We know that construction zones can be dangerous for drivers, but the fact that construction workers risk their lives at their job is often overlooked. While the number of highway work zone fatalities has been declining over the past 10 years, the risk of an accident remains a threat. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 105 workers were killed at road construction sites in 2013. Twenty-five of those fatalities occurred in Pennsylvania.

The Transportation Research Board estimated that in 2014, drivers encountered an active work zone on average one out of every 100 miles driven on the national highway system. It's surprising that some drivers are not aware of the laws and don't know the proper way to navigate a work zone. That's why we're here to explain some critical safety information.

Top Hazards for Highway Construction Workers

The top hazards for highway construction workers include speeding vehicles and driver aggression towards road workers. Many drivers don't think twice about construction zone laws, speed limits, or the safety of the workers. What these drivers may not know is that ignoring the laws not only risks the safety of the workers and themselves, but it could also cost them fines, points on their driving record, and even possible jail time.

Work zone safety could be improved by simply taking the time to improve driver education. Construction zones are already dangerous enough for workers. Their work can involve accidents due to falls, heavy equipment, electrocution, and more. If drivers take the time to understand the laws and navigate construction zones safely, the road will be a safer place for everyone.

construction zone accidents

What You Should Do While Driving in a Construction Zone

  • Slow Down and Follow the Posted Speed Limit
  • Read Any Signs and Obey Flaggers
  • Be Aware of Workers and Equipment
  • Watch for Stopped Traffic and Lane Changes
  • Don't Change Lanes or Make Erratic Moves

The best thing that you can do is be patient when driving in a construction zone. You may think that work zones are just an inconvenience, but remember that they are necessary to improve roads and make them safer.

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