What You Need on Your Next Motorcycle Trip

What You Need for Your Next Motorcycle Ride

Preparing For Your Next Long Motorcycle Trip

The summer months offer some of the best riding weather we see all year, and it's primetime to head out on a long road trip.

What you pack can make the difference between a memorable trip or a trip to the emergency room. At our law firm, we see first-hand how devastating motorcycle injuries can be. That's why we've put together a short list to help keep you safe.

Motorcycle Must-Haves

Check your bike before your ride, and look for the following things:

Balance – For whatever luggage you pack, make sure your bike is balanced. Pack closest to your bike's center of gravity to prevent unbalanced riding.

A DOT-Approved Helmet – While helmets may be optional for some in Pennsylvania, other states require helmets. All motorcyclists are required to follow a state's helmet laws while they're passing through. Visit our state helmet law page for more information. Regardless of whether helmets are optional in your state, it's your best way to prevent life-altering head injuries.

The Right Riding Gear – Sure, the temperature may be warm now, but who knows when the next rainstorm will roll through. Always pack rain and cold weather gear just in case. Also, leather is a great material for protecting against road rash.

Protective Eyewear – It's required in many states – including PA – to wear protective eye gear while riding. Make sure you don't leave home without it.

First Aid Kit and Bike Tool Kit – Don't get caught a long way from home without some first aid handy, as well as some tools – like a tire gauge – to service your motorcycle if necessary.

Charger for Phone, GPS, and Other Electronics – In this day and age, most people use their phones or GPS units to plan their route. So it's important to keep them charged. Even if you decide to ride old school with an atlas, make sure you have a cell phone and a charger in case of emergencies.

Keep these in mind before your next long motorcycle trip. If you're able, make a dry run with all your gear and equipment packed, that way you'll notice if your motorcycle is off-centered or riding incorrectly.

Make it a Safe and Enjoyable Summer

Being prepared for your road trip can eliminate some of the risks involved when riding. Make sure your motorcycle is in top condition before setting out, and don't forget to know the laws when crossing from state to state.

Before you head out on your next road trip, check out tons of free motorcycle safety information – everything from choosing protective gear to how to ride safely in group formation. Other free resources include state-by-state helmet laws, insurance tips, and more.

If you're ever injured in a motorcycle accident, our law firm is here for you. Remember, our consultations are always free, and there's never a fee unless we get money for you.