Most Dad-sasterous Movie Characters

accident-prone movie dads

Which Dads from Your Favorite Films are the Most Accident-Prone?

Movies are filled with all sorts of dads. While some paternal characters probably won't be featured in a parenting guide anytime soon (we're looking at you Darth Vader), other on-screen dads will do just about anything to take care of their families. Some fathers from our favorite films have the best intentions, but have a tendency to cause disastrous situations wherever they go.

Since movies do a great job of bending the rules of the real world, these wacky dads' hijinks always seem to turn out for the best. But what if these individuals behaved this way in real life? While we're poking fun with these comedy films, some of the "Dad-tastrophys" created by these movie characters could have had pretty serious consequences.

We've put together a list of some of the most "dad-sasterous" movie characters, as well as the possible, real-world ramifications of their famous film shenanigans.

Daniel Hillard – Mrs. Doubtfire

With Robin Williams playing the beloved role of Daniel Hillard/Mrs. Doubtfire, hilarity is bound to ensue, but in the movie world, hilarious situations are often the most farfetched. At the start of the film, Daniel Hillard throws a wild birthday party for his teenage son, against the wishes of his wife.

This birthday party seems to lack any parental supervision other than the irresponsible Daniel Hillard, and even features a guest literally "swinging from the chandelier." The house, front yard, and sidewalk are also overtaken by farm animals, which Daniel has apparently hired for a petting zoo. This scene features an array of potential child injuries related to premises liability, and a property owner's responsibility to keep their home safe and free of unnecessary hazards.

Clark Griswold – National Lampoon's Vacation and Sequels

accident-prone movie dads

Clark Griswold and his family experience their fair share of misadventures in this movie franchise, but during their road trip out west, Clark learns a valuable lesson about distracted driving.

Various family members distract Clark while he is at the wheel, and after taking his attention off of the road, the family's vehicle careens into the desert landscape. Distracted driving can have far worse consequences than what is shown in the film, especially on road trips—when fatigue, lack of familiarity with the roads, and boredom all come into play.

Wayne Szalinski – Honey I Shrunk the Kids

The zany, scientist father in this children's film is loveable, but he subjects both his kids and his neighbor's kids to many unnecessary dangers when his "shrink ray" accidentally miniaturizes them. The fact that children even had access to a machine with advanced technology of this (fictional) magnitude is pretty risky parenting on the part of Wayne Szalinski. He kept his shrink ray in the attic, which had no lock or protective measures, and kids could accidentally come into contact with it.

Later, the group of shrunken children interacts with a lawnmower left unattended in Wayne Szalinki's yard. This again presents an inevitable hazard relating to homeowner and premises liability, which entails removing the threat of all "attractive nuisances" (any hazardous object or condition that is likely to attract children) from your property.

Stay Safe With Your Family

Even though these "dad-sasters" were purely fictional, they can still teach us valuable lessons about how some everyday situations can turn dangerous. With Father's Day just around the corner, it's important to remember how many safety precautions real-life parents and caregivers take to protect their families.

For tips and tricks on staying safe in the home and preventing child injuries, check out our Parents & Kids Safety Resource Center.