Why You Need to Spring Clean Your Car's Interior Right Now

spring clean your car interior

Safety Issues You May Not Have Considered

There's no better time for cleaning than the start of spring. Your home is great place to begin, but why not extend the sprucing-up to a living space that often goes overlooked — your vehicle. And it's not just a freshly washed car exterior that matters.

The average American spends 37,935 hours driving a vehicle during their lifetime. All that time spent in the car causes dirt, dust, forgotten fast food containers, and other random items to accumulate inside your vehicle.

A messy and cluttered car doesn't just look chaotic, it can create chaos for drivers as well. If your car needs a good, thorough cleaning, use the new season as an opportunity to take care of the mess before serious safety risks develop.

Watch out for these hazard hot spots as you tidy up the interior of your vehicle:

Potential Projectiles

In a car accident, your seatbelt safely anchors your body to your seat and prevents you from being projected forward. Some may not realize that any heavy object inside a vehicle that is not securely anchored down can transform into an extremely dangerous projectile in an accident. That bowling ball you forgot was still in the backseat can rocket forward with the force of a cannonball.

Remove all unnecessary, heavy objects from the backseat and trunk. If you need to travel with a certain hefty item, ensure that it's firmly tethered down.

A Streaky, Dusty Windshield

Inevitably, dust and grime will accumulate on your dashboard and windshield over time. It's challenging to see through a dusty or streaky windshield, especially when faced with glare. Whether it's glare from the bright sun in the afternoon or oncoming headlights at night, it can significantly reduce visibility, which can cause car accidents.

Keep a pack of portable, glass-cleaning wipes in your glove compartment for on-the-go streak and dust maintenance. You can even use old newspaper to remove streaks from your windshield in a pinch.

Bottles Rolling on the Floor

Bottles can roll around the floor of your vehicle, making them the most overlooked yet dangerous objects in your car.

spring clean your car interior

Reaching: Attempting to grab any dropped or loose items on the floor makes you 9 times more likely to be in a car accident. Reaching for objects takes your eyes off of the road and is another form of distracted driving.

Obstructing the foot pedals: It's entirely possible for a bottle to roll underneath your gas or brake pedal while driving. This can leave you unable to press the correct pedal and can have serious consequences.

Keep used bottles and other food containers out of your car. When you drink from a bottle, always store it in the cup holder. Avoid tossing it on the passenger's seat where it's likely to fall on the floor at the first sharp stop.

A Clear Space Means a Clear Mind

Cleaning and de-cluttering our living spaces can help improve multiple aspects of our daily lives. A clear space gives you the peace of mind to focus on the task at hand—which while behind the wheel, should simply be driving.

Removing safety hazards from the inside of your vehicle will help you concentrate on the road. Unfortunately, not all drivers take precautions and therefore, forces out of our control can sometimes cause car accidents.

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