Why You Need a Motorcycle Safety Course

Why You Need a Motorcycle Safety Course

"Do I Really Need a Safety Course?"

Many motorcyclists have spent a lifetime honing their skills and techniques behind the handlebars. However, even experienced riders may find that they can learn a thing or two that keeps them safe while riding.

That's why we're talking about motorcycle safety courses. Not only are they beneficial to new riders, they may offer tips to seasoned riders that could help in the event of an emergency. In fact, 90% of all motorcyclists involved in accidents either had very little official training or learned how to ride from a friend or family member.

The Benefits of Safety Courses

After a long winter, it's often beneficial to take a refresher course to knock the rust of your hibernating riding skills. Not only that, safety courses offer a chance to meet up with other riders in your community.

Safety courses can provide you with:

  • New Safety Techniques
  • Improved Road Awareness
  • Riding Gear Recommendations
  • Basic Road Maneuvers
  • Navigating Traffic Situations
  • Sharpening Your Current Riding Skills
  • And Much More

New riders benefit from basic courses, while seasoned veterans can find advanced instruction from trained professionals. There's something for just about everyone who rides.

An added bonus – safety courses could provide you with a discount perk through your insurance policy. Check with your agent to see if you qualify for special deals or rate reductions after taking a certified safety course.

Find a Safety Course Near You

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At Edgar Snyder & Associates we help people seriously injured in motorcycle crashes.

That's why our law firm is partnering with the Motorcycle Safety Council. To help prevent motorcycle accidents.

Our best tip for motorcyclists, take a rider training course.

Visit EdgarSnyder.com to sign the motorcycle safety council pledge to arrive alive.

Plus at EdgarSnyder.com you'll find state helmet laws, insurance tips, and other valuable resources to keep everyone on the road safe

You may be wondering, "How can I enroll in a safety course?" The answer is easier than you think. In Pennsylvania, free training is available to state residents, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses. Contact the Motorcycle Safety Program – or visit them online at pamsp.com – to learn more about these great programs.

The Pledge acknowledges the serious dangers facing motorcyclists, especially with regards to drinking or impaired riding – which is cited as the cause for nearly 40% of all motorcycle fatalities.

Have a Safe and Smart Riding Season

Don't underestimate the importance of safety courses. They can provide you with the tools and experience necessary to make the right decisions, particularly in hazardous situations. Whether you're just starting out or have been riding for years, safety courses could help save your life.

We hope you enjoy a safe riding season. Unfortunately, we know that even the most conscientious motorcycle riders can be involved in crashes. As always, if you're ever injured in a motorcycle accident, contact our law firm for a free legal consultation. We're available 24/7, and it's always free to speak with us.