The 7 Craziest Motorcycle Safety Mistakes We Found in Stock Photos

motorcycle stock photo mistakes

Learn From These Stock Photos' Mistakes

Stock photos are the wallpaper of the internet. These photographs of common people, places, and things are often used in web design, and plaster the majority of websites we visit daily. Stock photos are meant to appeal to a wide audience, and typically reflect everyday activities—like a family eating dinner, business executives shaking hands, or students in a classroom.

However, not all stock photos are so conventional. Through our online research on motorcycle safety, we've come across some pretty crazy depictions of supposedly "normal" activities on a motorcycle. We compiled a few of the most outlandish and dangerous stock photographs, so others could learn from these 7 Crazy Motorcycle Safety Mistakes.

Enjoy some examples of what not to do on a motorcycle:

1. The Romantic, yet Dangerous Motorcycle Ride

motorcycle stock photo mistakes

While there's nothing inherently unsafe about taking a motorcycle or motorized scooter ride with your significant other, this couple doesn't seem to have safety on their minds.

As a passenger, avoid attempting acrobatic tricks on a motorcycle—no matter how carefree you're feeling. Additionally, that stylish, straw hat may look great, but it won't provide any head protection in the event of an accident. Wear a Department of Transportation (DOT)-approved helmet instead.

2. Look, No Legs!

motorcycle stock photo mistakes

Sometimes it can be fun to act goofy, but it's a recipe for disaster on a motorcycle.

On a motorcycle, safe and proper body position starts at the footpegs and works upwards from there. If you're not using your feet for shifting or applying the rear brake, place the ball of your foot on the footpeg.

3. Taking the Whole Family Along for the Ride

motorcycle stock photo mistakes

Besides the total lack of safety equipment, you can find multiple red flags in this stock photo. Each state has age restrictions for riding a motorcycle. We have a feeling this young child "driving" around her family doesn't quite meet these restrictions.

Also, never attempt to seat more passengers on a motorcycle than the machine was engineered to accommodate, regardless of how small those passengers are.

4. Performing Stunts

motorcycle stock photo mistakes

This stunt is referred to as a nose wheelie, or "stoppie." Unless you are professionally trained, we recommend avoiding these types of daredevil tricks altogether. And they're never appropriate riding on the roadways.

5. Dressing Inappropriately for the Weather

motorcycle stock photo mistakes

As a motorcyclist, you are obviously more affected by adverse weather conditions than in a car or truck. If you get caught in the rain during a ride, a plastic poncho like the ones in this photo do more harm than good.

Avid riders should wear waterproof or water-resistant motorcycle gear for the safest protection during a surprise storm. For more equipment options, check out this Must-Have Motorcycle Safety Gear for Spring.

6. Wearing Dangerous Footwear

motorcycle stock photo mistakes

If this young woman plans on riding that motorcycle, we hope she brought along some sensible footwear in addition to her heels. Whether you look best in flip-flops, pumps, or clogs, save those types of shoes for another time.

When considering riding footwear, heavy-duty boots are your best option. Look for boots with ankle support, protective features, and great gripping surfaces to give you powerful traction on footpegs and roadways.

7. Letting A Dog Take the Driver's Seat

motorcycle stock photo mistakes

You may have seen a furry friend in the sidecar of a motorcycle before, but what about in the driver's seat? Save the driving to humans and don't let your pet ride on your lap—no matter how much they beg.

Learn From These Stock Photos' Mistakes

It can be entertaining to laugh at ridiculously staged stock photos, but don't let the mistakes in these images happen in real life. Some are far less likely to happen than others, but they can teach us an important lesson. Motorcycles can be fun, but don't forget the risks involved in riding.

For even more motorcycle safety information, check out our Motorcycle Safety Resource Center, as well as these 6 Motorcycle Safety Tips for Spring Riders.

Injured in a Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcyclists are more exposed to danger than other drivers on the road. While taking steps to protect yourself helps — like buying great-quality safety gear—despite our best efforts, accidents still happen. Too often, car and truck drivers don't share the road with motorcycle riders like they should.

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