Motorcycle Passenger Safety Tips

Motorcycle Passenger Safety Tips

Be the Best Motorcycle Passenger With These Great Tips

If you're the passenger on a motorcycle, you might not be as familiar with all the mechanics and techniques of riding. A passenger who moves at the wrong time or in the wrong way can cause a serious accident.

The best way to avoid a crash is to prevent it from happening. By knowing the right way to ride, passengers can help everyone stay safe and maintain control. We've put together this list to keep your rides safe and accident free.

Wear the Right Gear

If you're not a seasoned rider, then you might not know the right attire for your ride. Showing up in flip-flops and pair of shorts is a big mistake. Make sure you have on long, sturdy pants or jeans, a durable jacket with long sleeves, and closed-toe protective footwear. Always wear a helmet, and make sure that it fits snugly to your head. Wearing gloves can keep your hands safe in the event of a crash as well.

Ask the driver about how to dress appropriately for the temperature. They can give you some insight into dressing for warm and cold rides. You don't want to sacrifice protection just because you're hot. Here's a great list of what you should wear on your next motorcycle ride.

Know Your Footpegs

New passengers might not know about the footpegs on the back of a motorcycle. These are where you securely place your feet for the duration of the ride. At no point should you ever take your feet off the pegs while the motorcycle is in motion.

You might feel tempted to help the driver maintain balance while stopped, but taking your feet off the pegs could lead to leg burns from the exhaust, getting your foot caught in the drive chain, or worse. Keep your feet on the pegs until you're ready to dismount.

Banking Turns and You

Motorcycle Passenger Safety Tips

Motorcycles, much like airplanes, lean or bank when they turn. Newer passengers might not be familiar with this sensation, so it's important to know how to handle banking turns. Always keep your body centered in the bike and in line with the driver. If he or she is banking right, look directly over the drivers right shoulder. If they're banking left, look over the left shoulder.

This will keep you lined up with the driver and help them maintain balance through the turn. Never attempt to lean out of the turn, as it could cause the driver to lose control.

"What Do I Do With My Hands?"

When you're seated behind the driver, the best place to put your hands would be on his or her hips. This allows you to understand the driver's shifting weight and helps you to mimic that weight transfer.

Don't be shy. Ask the driver what they prefer and be comfortable with your hand placement. It's important to feel safe while you're riding.

Be an Active Participant on Your Ride

Motorcycle Passenger Safety Tips

When you're riding along, you should constantly be scanning for any potential dangers. After all, your driver is focused on the road. Be an extra pair of eyes and look out for any wildlife or other obstacles that may pose a threat.

If you see a deer lurking in the woods or a dog running from a front yard, gently tap the driver on the shoulder and point to the possible danger. By acting as a lookout, you can help make your ride safer.

Be the Best Passenger – Ride Safe

When you know how to ride along with someone else, you can have a safe and enjoyable time. However, sometimes accidents happen. If you or a loved one is ever injured in a motorcycle accident, contact our legal professionals for a free consultation.

We can help you get the answers – and legal help – you need. We're standing by 24/7, and there's never a fee unless we get money for you.

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