Spring Back Into Bicycle Season

Spring Back Into Bicycle Season

Warmer Weather Means More Time for Bicycling

April is right around the corner. While it's notorious for showers and rainy weather, April's clear days are the perfect invitation to hop back on your bicycle for a ride.

We've put together a few safety tips and tricks to make the most of your biking adventures. Don't forget to check out our friends at BikePGH for more happenings around Pittsburgh and great opportunities to get involved with bicycling.

8 Safety Tips for Bicyclists of All Ages

    Spring Back Into Bicycle Season
  1. Protect Your Head – Always wear a helmet when you're out bike riding. Severe brain injuries can occur in a biking accident, so protect the most precious part of your body – your brain.
  2. Be Seen – Wear bright, visible colors so that drivers and other motorists can clearly see you. The more easily you're seen, the more easily avoided you'll be when cars or trucks are passing. The law states that they need to give you 4 ft. when they overtake any bicyclist.
  3. Look Twice and Signal – If you're making a turn or any other maneuver while riding, make sure you look, signal, and look again. It's important to check any blind spots before committing to a turn that could put you in harm's way.
  4. Eyes Alert – Keep your eyes on the road and on traffic in front of you. If you're a car driver, use the scanning technique. Look for obstacles while scanning your eyes back and forth from farthest to closest to you.
  5. Spring Back Into Bicycle Season
  6. Go With Traffic – When you're on the road, you are considered a motorist as well. This means you should be riding with the flow of traffic, not against it.
  7. No Traffic Weaving – Don't swerve in and out of traffic or weave between cars. Other drivers are used to the behavior of cars on the road, so stay safe by acting like a car. Always be aware of the traffic around you.
  8. Eliminate Distraction – Avoid talking on the phone or blocking out your hearing by listening to music. Diverting your attention away from riding could lead to disastrous accidents.
  9. Rules of the Road – Obey all traffic signs, stop lights, and laws. When you behave as a car driver would, you will keep from confusing vehicle drivers with any errant moves.

Be sure to check out our Bicycle Safety Infographic.

Are You Ready to Ride?

Spring Back Into Bicycle Season

During the long, cold winter, you might have had your bike hanging up or locked away in storage. Now is the perfect time to bring it out, dust it off, and check it for any mechanical issues. Do you notice rust or heavily worn parts? How does your chain look? Do the brakes work?

If you're able, take the bike for a short test ride just around the driveway or neighborhood. Carefully check the brakes, tires, shifter, and make sure the seat is properly positioned. Check that all reflective pieces are still attached and that any quick-release wheels are secured to the frame. Consider taking it to your local professional for a quick check and tune up.

Bicycle Season is Back – Make Sure You Ride Safely

Biking is great exercise and great fun, but sometimes accidents happen – no matter how safe you ride. If you're injured after a bicycling accident, contact our attorneys for a free consultation.

We can help you determine the best steps to take for you situation. We're standing by 24/7, and we're ready to help.