Why Personal Injury Settlement Calculators Don't Work

Why Personal Injury Settlement Calculators Don't Work

Beware of Personal Injury Settlement Calculators to Predict Your Recovery

When you suffer serious injuries in an accident, your life changes drastically. You could face unforeseen medical costs, lost wages, and even pain and suffering from your accident. It's fair to say that your quality of life has been altered – and not for the better.

You likely have questions about your injury and your future. Chief among those questions might be, "How much money is my case worth?" It's an absolutely reasonable question to ask, and we know you just want what's fair. However, using a personal injury settlement calculator will not give you a real sense of what you stand to recover when you have a personal injury claim.

Not All Cases are Created Equal

The truth is that every case is different from every other one. In fact, the law is different depending on the specific type of case you have.

For example, under PA law, the types of damages you can recover (amounts of past and future bills or pain and suffering) are entirely different for automobile accident, medical malpractice, and workers' compensation cases. There is even more of a difference depending on what state your injury or treatment occurs. You deserve an attorney who is experienced in all aspects of your specific type of claim.

Why Personal Injury Settlement Calculators Don't Work

Also, your recovery depends on the circumstances particular to you and you alone. While Jack could receive a certain amount of money for a back injury that heals quickly, Jill could receive far more for the same injury which doesn't heal quickly or becomes permanent. Also, Jack could return to a relatively normal life after missing some work and getting medical treatment, but Jill may be confined to a wheelchair forever. That means modifying her home, possibly changing her career (or never working again), and adding constant medical treatment and doctor visits. The list goes on. Be sure to insist on a full and careful evaluation of your claim.

It's simply impossible and highly inadvisable for a calculator you found through Google to account for all of these factors. Often, a law firm's calculator will spit out the highest number they come up with in the hope you'll call them. Personal injury calculators are essentially marketing tools for a law firm.

Personal Injury Settlement Calculators and Marketing

You may see other law firms using a "personal injury settlement calculator." They see that injured people want a dollar amount for their injuries and decide to give them one – even if it's completely wrong and gives the injured individual a false sense of actual value of his or her case.

Be wary of any law firm that will give you a firm dollar amount for your injury without knowing all the details of your case. It's a marketing tactic, and one they've seen work before. Just know that settlement amounts can change as your case builds and grows.

From the Firm You Can Trust – We're Here to Help

We don't provide a settlement calculator, because we don't believe in misleading our clients. We do believe in answering their legal questions, going to bat for them, and recovering the maximum amount of compensation that they deserve for their injuries.

So if you're ever hurt in an accident, contact us. We're here to help you pick up the pieces, and we'll give you the trusted, excellent representation you've come to know from Edgar Snyder & Associates.