Stay Safe on Spring Break with these Helpful Hints

Spring Break Safety Tips

Looking for Adventure on Spring Break?

Who isn't looking forward to Spring Break? It's the perfect time to escape the dregs of winter, and set off to a warmer climate. Amidst the sun and fun of your Spring Break vacation, you might decide to try out some vacation activities.

We've put together a list of some great Spring Break adventures with a few helpful safety tips to go along, because there's nothing that'll spoil your vacation faster than a needless injury. So make sure you stay safe on your Spring Break.


Spring Break Safety Tips

Ah, parasailing – the age-old activity of being strapped to a parachute and dragged behind a speedboat while flying hundreds of feet over open water. Who wouldn't love that?

In all seriousness, parasailing can be a wonderful activity that lets you capture the sights and beauty of your tropical vacation.

However, make sure you take all the necessary safety precautions, and be sure to read all the fine print on your safety waiver. Check reviews for the company offering the parasailing, and be sure that the trip includes lifejackets and any other necessary safety gear.


"It's like a motorcycle for the water!" Well, not exactly. But jetting around on the waves can be a great time, especially for those who like speed and excitement. However, they certainly have their own element of danger as well.

Be sure to take a safety course before splashing through the waves. Learning a few basics on your jetski can help keep you from getting injured. Also, don't forget to wear your lifejacket while skimming through the water.


Spring Break Safety Tips

Exploring the sea and watching its wildlife can be one of the most impressive things you do on your Spring Break vacation. It's a chance to see our world from a different point of view.

However, it's important to stay safe while you're out snorkeling. It's a demanding physical activity and isn't for everyone. Make sure you disclose any possible medical conditions – even if they prevent you from going – because it could save your life.

Deep-Sea Fishing

A deep-sea fishing tour might be a great way to spend the afternoon. Grab a pole, sit in the sun, and cast the day away. However, boating can pose serious risks, especially if you're the guest on someone else's boat.

Before setting sail for the seas to reel in that big marlin, make sure the operators have performed all the necessary safety checks. Always know where the lifejackets are located, and if there's any drinking, make sure the driver is staying sober. Boat accidents can be extremely dangerous and in some cases deadly.

ATV & Off-Road Tours

Spring Break Safety Tips

ATV tours can be a thrilling way to see the sights and sounds of your vacation destination. They let you cover ground quickly and reach the hard-to-see spots off the beaten path. For those who love adventure, off-road tours can be the highlight of your Spring Break.

However, ATVs are open-air vehicles than can be extremely easy to lose control of when you're driving. Make sure you follow all the safety instructions and get used to your vehicle. Always wear a helmet and never exceed speeds at which you're comfortable.

Don't Spoil Spring Break – Stay Safe on Vacation

Going on vacation can provide you with the perfect break, especially as winter continues to linger. Just be sure to stay safe and enjoy yourself. Injuries on vacation can be especially tricky to handle, and your medical bills may get out of hand.

If you're every injured on vacation, give us a call for a free consultation to see how we can help. We're standing by around the clock, and we're ready to get you the help you need.