The Ultimate Winter Driving Guide

The Ultimate Winter Driving Guide

Be Ready for Winter Weather with Our Ultimate Winter Driving Guide

Pennsylvanians are no strangers to driving in winter weather. With hilly terrain mixed with snow, sleet, ice, and hale, it's always best to prepare for driving in these adverse weather conditions.

At our law firm, we see too many accidents and injuries caused by poor weather conditions, unsafe roads, and unprepared drivers. So we've created the ultimate winter driving guide – resources to help you navigate the frigid months ahead.

Winter Driving Safety Tips

The Ultimate Winter Driving Guide

Follow these easy steps to make sure you're safe on the road and prepared to face the elements:

  • Clear your windshield, windows, lights, and mirrors. Don't be a peephole driver. It limits your field of vision and can be extremely dangerous.
  • Get rid of any large chunks of snow or ice on your car. If these fall from your car while driving and cause an accident, you can be held responsible.
  • Always drive with your lights on to increase your visibility to other drivers.

Learn about these tips and more with our Winter Driving Safety Tips. They'll prepare you to navigate the frigid landscape this season.

Winter Essentials You Need in Your Car

The Ultimate Winter Driving Guide

We've compiled a list of 11 essential items you need in your car during the winter. These are just a few example of winter driving essentials:

  • A durable snowbrush and ice scraper
  • Rock salt or kitty litter to use for traction if you get stuck
  • Extra windshield washer fluid
  • A cell phone car charger
  • A car blanket

Check out the rest of these essential items here. Make sure your car is filled with all the things you need in a winter driving emergency.

Winterizing Your Car

The Ultimate Winter Driving Guide

"An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure," the old saying goes. And it's even true for your car in the winter. It's important to take the necessary steps to winterize your vehicle before the cold weather takes hold. Consider the following:

  • Checking fluid levels
  • Changing to winter tires
  • Checking tire pressure
  • Testing heating and defrosting systems

Work your way through our checklist to winterize your car, so you're prepared when the snow starts to fly. While you might not realize it, taking these simple precautions now can save you from a serious headache if you're ever in an accident.

Winter Driving Hacks

The Ultimate Winter Driving Guide

Have a door lock that always freezes? Do your wiper blades constantly stick to the glass? We've created a list of 7 winter driving hacks that everyone should know. You might be surprised by these simple solutions to winter's trickiest problems.

Steps to Take After a Winter Car Accident

The Ultimate Winter Driving Guide

If you're in a winter car accident, do you know the steps to take to protect yourself? Often, weather conditions change rapidly within hours and, without taking the proper steps, evidence for your accident could disappear.

Know what to do if you're ever involved in a winter accident. Learn more about documenting the scene with photos, how to handle the insurance company, and more at our After a Winter Car Accident page.

All Year Round, We Hope You Drive Safely

We hope you take the necessary precautions when driving – not just in winter but year round. However, we know that some accidents are unavoidable.

So if you're ever injured in an accident, contact our legal professionals for a free case review. We're available to help at any time.