Top 3 Indoor & Outdoor Holiday Hazards

Top 3 Indoor and Outdoor Holiday Hazards

Are Your Holiday Decorations Delightful or Dangerous?

As the weather grows colder and the holidays approach, many homeowners adorn their homes with seasonal decorations. For some, decorating is a family tradition.

But do you know which holiday decorations are potentially dangerous to you and your loved ones? We've compiled of a list of holiday adornments that might pose a threat to your seasonal enjoyment.

Indoor Threats

Top 3 Indoor and Outdoor Holiday Hazards

1. Unsafe Christmas Lights

This holiday hazard is probably one of the oldest, since people have been warned about the dangers of Christmas lights since they were first strung around a fir tree.

However, it's not without good reason that these little lights come with a big warning. Christmas lights are responsible for nearly 150 house fires every year.

Check your Christmas lights before you decorate your home. Make sure to replace worn or damaged strings to prevent electrical fires.

Also, if you're using a real Christmas tree, be sure to dispose of it as soon as it begins to dry. These trees can become serious fire hazards if left unattended.

2. Choking on Tinsel or Garland

Garland and tinsel are common holiday decorations that can pose a serious choking hazard to young children.

Make sure that you hang them out of reach of small children. Secure them to walls and ceiling fixtures in order to keep them from falling into reach.

3. Keep an Eye on the Candles

Keep all candles and matches out of reach of children. Also, be mindful of where you place your decorative, seasonal candles. If you place them on top of a table with a tablecloth, make sure children are unable to pull the tablecloth down.

Remember to put candles in well-ventilated areas with nothing directly on top, behind, or in front of the flame.

Outdoor Dangers

Top 3 Indoor and Outdoor Holiday Hazards

1. Ladder Falls

There are probably not many things less safe than climbing a ladder in icy conditions to string lights across your gutters. But every year, homeowners brave the cold in the name of holiday spirit.

Make sure you have a stable ladder and a nice even spot of ice-free ground when you hang outdoor lights and decorations. If possible, have someone help by spotting you.

We recommend taking advantage of any breaks in the winter weather to get out and hang your lights.

2. Electrical Shock

Snow and ice can make hanging lights difficult, but they can also dampen plugs for lights and cause electrical shocks. Be careful when plugging in outdoor lights that the plugs haven't been soaked in any melted snow or standing water.

Use caution when plugging in outdoor lights, especially if water or ice has formed near the outside outlet. We recommend using gloves and drying plugs before inserting them into an outlet.

3. Loose Extension Cords

Whether your lights are hung inside or out, loose extension cords and lighting cables can cause serious tripping hazards.

Make sure you've secured all stray cables outside (and inside). Remove them from any walkways or entrances to minimize risk. As a homeowner, you could be held responsible for any injuries caused by unsafe areas outside your home.

Protect Your Home This Holiday

Be sure to secure your decorations during the holiday season. Taking a few extra steps now will help prevent any unnecessary accidents inside and outside of your home.

Remember, if you're ever injured by a dangerous product, unsafe walkways, or bad road conditions, call our experienced attorneys for the legal help you need.