Honda Airbag Recall

Honda Airbag Recall

Honda Expanding Airbag Recall Throughout the Country

Honda has officially recalled airbags made by the Takata Corporation in all 50 states. These airbags are used in millions of Honda automobiles around the word.

This news comes after federal regulators pressured the Takata Corp. to expand their airbag recall. After Takata denied the expanded recall, Honda issued its own recall for automobiles using Takata-made components.

Airbag Defects

The airbags in question are being shown to cause extensive injury to passengers by exploding outward with too much force. In some instances, this force will propel shrapnel and other objects toward a vehicle's occupants.

Originally the Takata recall encompassed regions of the United States that were affected by high humidity. Takata's insists that data suggests that airbags are inflating improperly after being subjected to extended periods of airborne moisture.

However, two incidences in California – areas outside of the designated humidity zones – have raised the concerns of federal regulators, urging the need for a national recall.

Find Out If Your Vehicle Was Recalled

Honda's recall will impact millions nationwide. If you drive a Honda, please visit the following website to see if your car qualifies.

Recalls can be found at

Injured By a Defective Airbag?

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