10 Tree Stand Safety Tips

Tree Stand Safety Tips

Stay Safe in Your Tree Stand with These Tips

Many hunters enjoy sighting game from a perched position in the trees. Tree stands can offer great views and clear sightlines, but they also pose some seriously dangerous risks.

In fact, statistics show that one in three hunters who choose to hunt from a tree stand will suffer a fall. In most cases, falls from these heights can cause serious injury or even death.

That's why we've put together a few safety tips to keep in mind when you're out hunting from a tree stand.

1. Tell Someone Where You're Going and When You'll Be Home

Tree Stand Safety Tips

Always tell your loved ones, hunting buddies, or close friends where you're headed and when you plan to arrive back home. If something happens, they'll know exactly where to find you.

2. Always Wear a Harness

Wearing a harness is the single easiest way to prevent a tree stand fall. But make sure you put the harness on prior to climbing up to your stand. The safety strap, which connects your harness to the tree, should prevent you from falling no more than 12 inches.

3.Never Carry Your Firearm While Climbing

Climbing with a gun can lead to a terrible accident. Make sure you have a haul rope to hoist your gear up once you've secured yourself in the tree stand. The gun should be unloaded and the safety should be on.

4. Know Exactly How to Assemble Your Tree Stand

Follow directions to the letter and know exactly how your tree stand is put together. This is especially important when using climbing tree stands, because the smallest misstep could cause serious injury.

5. Don't Sleep in Your Stand

Let's face it; most hunters spend several hours perched in their tree stands without seeing anything at all. Some might think it's a great opportunity for a quick nap, but you could end up falling for more than just sleep.

6. Wear Boots With Good Grip

Tree Stand Safety Tips

Traction is extremely important for when you're climbing, standing, and descending the tree stand. Get boots with a good grip, so you don't slip and fall.

7. Use a Buddy System When Hanging Tree Stands

If you're hunting on land that you own or are able to hang a tree stand before opening day, make sure to do so with a buddy in tow. Having another person there ensures an extra pair of helping hands and someone to assist you if an accident occurs.

8. Keep 3 Points of Contact When Climbing

Nearly 75% of all tree stand accidents occur while climbing up to or down from the stand. It's important to always keep 3 points of with your hands and feet on the ladder while climbing.

9. Have a Plan In Case You Fall

After your harness catches you, it's important to have a plan if you fall from the tree stand. Acting quickly is key, because the longer you hang in the harness, the harder it will be to climb back to your tree stand.

10. Bring a Whistle and Your Cell Phone

Tree Stand Safety Tips

A harness can prevent you from making contact with the ground, but can still cause injury if you're stuck hanging from your tree stand. Make sure to have a whistle or a cell phone handy if you need to call for help.

Stay Safe This Hunting Season

If you're hunting from a tree stand this season, make sure to follow these simple steps to keep yourself safe. Remember, a fall from as high as 6 feet can cause serious injury or even death.

We know that sometimes it doesn't matter how many precautions you take, accidents still happen. More often than not, this can be traced back to many different issues, including manufacturer recalls for tree stands. Companies have a responsibility to produce safe products, and they can be held liable for faulty or recalled items that cause injuries.

As always, we're here for you if a defective or recalled tree stand accident injures you. We're available 24/7 to help, call us for a free legal consultation or contact us on the web.