7 Essential Winter Driving Hacks

7 Essential Winter Driving Hacks

Follow These Simple Tricks to Help with Winter Driving

As the weather worsens and the holiday deep-freeze takes hold, driving can become an especially dangerous activity. Whether it's snowfall, freezing rain, or icy roads, keep these tips in mind when you're out braving the elements.

1. Frosted Windshield? Speed Up the Thaw

7 Essential Winter Driving Hacks

Consider parking your car to face east. As the sun rises, it'll begin the thawing process, clearing away the ice and snow from the night before. It may not do the whole job, but it'll sure speed things up.

2. Wiper Blades Frozen to the Glass?

The fastest way to ruin your wiper blades is by freezing them to the windshield and peeling them off in a hurry. We recommend lifting them off the glass once you're finished driving for the day. Need extra protection from the elements? Cover them in long wool socks. Just make sure to remove them before you drive again.

3. Door Lock Stuck After a Cold Night?

7 Essential Winter Driving Hacks

The best way to keep a lock from freezing is by clearing away any water inside the mechanism. You can do this by applying a number of different water-displacement products, namely WD-40. However, if you're in a pinch, apply alcohol-based hand sanitizer to your key. The alcohol will help melt the ice.

Bonus Tip: Lock works fine, but the doors frozen shut? Spray the rubber around the doorframe with cooking spray to keep water from freezing you out.

4. Double Down on Snowbrushes

7 Essential Winter Driving Hacks

Keep two snowbrushes in you car at all times. That way, you have one in each hand when clearing the car. By starting at the center of the roof and working outward, you'll be able to clear it in half the time. Better yet – if you have a copilot with you, hand over a brush and team up on that accumulation.

5. Second Gear Start

This will only work if you drive a manual transmission. However, if you find the wheels spinning in first gear, try starting in second. Ease the clutch out and apply gas accordingly. This trick helps to improve traction as you're starting from a stopped position.

6. De-Ice the Windshield

There are plenty of products on the market that can help keep your glass free from ice. In fact, some of these products work to keep the fog off your glass if you clean the inside of the window as well.

Bonus tip: Using a 3:1 vinegar/water mixture will prevent ice from forming on the outside of your windows.

7. Take Back the Traction

7 Essential Winter Driving Hacks

Own a cat? Bring some kitty litter along in your trunk in case you get stuck in the snow. It provides extra grip for your tires. No kitty litter and need help in a pinch? Use your floor mats for traction – it's an old trick that still seems to work.

Stay Safe, Slow Down, and Arrive Alive

The best driving advice for winter weather conditions is to avoid taking any unnecessary trips. If the weather is bad, don't risk driving. If you have to go out in the snow, make sure you leave plenty time to get there and space to stop.

We hope you make it through the winter freeze safe and sound. If you find yourself injured in an accident, our teams of legal professionals are always here to help. Just give us a call or find us online.