Pittsburgh Pet Expo

Pittsburgh Pet Expo

We're Proud to Sponsor the Allegheny Mountain Rescue Group

Our law firm was happy to sponsor the Allegheny Mountain Rescue Group (AMRG) during Pittsburgh's recent Pet Expo. This courageous organization is an all-volunteer, non-profit search and rescue group. They use the keen senses of dogs to help locate people lost or injured in the wilderness or suburban settings.

During the Expo, they performed 4 different demos, which showcased the capabilities of these impressive pups. They even had a child hide while the father attempted to recall his son's clothing, demonstrating that the human memory isn't quite as strong as we think.

Throughout the course of the day, more than 13 different dog owners contacted the Allegheny Mountain Rescue Group with hopes of training their pets to help – a great cause for all involved.

An Unlikely Reunion

To pull at your heartstrings, one of the handlers from the Allegheny Mountain Rescue Group found a lost dog on I-79. Through a series of Facebook posts and a little Internet investigation, they were able to reunite the dog with its owner, and she picked him up at the Expo.

According to the AMRG, there were, "Many tears by a lot of us, but really happy to reunite them!" It's always great to hear about a happy ending.

Help Support the Allegheny Mountain Rescue Group

If you'd like more information or to donate to this wonderful cause, visit their website here.

With your help, more dogs can be trained to search for lost and injured persons.