All-Terrain Wheelchairs Provide Outdoor Recreation Opportunities for Disabled


Local Company's Wheelchairs Take on Sand, Snow, and Mud

A local company's new, all-terrain wheelchairs help people with disabilities enjoy the great outdoors.

Trac Fabrication, a company based in Grove City, PA, designs and produces the TracFab wheelchairs. The durable chairs are equipped with a racing-car seat and five-point harness, which rests atop rubber tank-tracks instead of wheels. These modifications help users take on rough terrain like sand, snow, and mud. The TracFab wheelchairs also have bright LED headlights for outdoor trips lasting past sundown. To soften the ride for those with back injuries, a special suspension was also added. Lithium batteries powering two 24-volt motors keep the entire device humming along smoothly.

Cousins and Founders of Trac Fabrication, David Kennedy and Ben Ridenbaugh, started the company after Kennedy's wife, a physical therapist, told them about the added pain felt by injured individuals who could no longer enjoy their favorite outdoor activities.

After purchasing the TracFab chair, one user enjoyed hunting in the woods again. He even outfitted his chair with equipment to help him aim a rifle and carry a fishing net. After receiving his chair, another gentleman from Erie who thought he'd never be able to return to a beach, was able to finally get back out on the sand.

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